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Shay Mitchell reveals her secret to flawless skin

The Canadian actress tells us what products she can’t live without.

Beyoncé confirms names and shares first photo of her twins

The singer posted a stunning photograph of her babies on Instagram.

<p>Courteney Cox recently copped to going overboard in her quest to maintain that youthful glow. In a <a href="">recent issue</a> of&nbsp;<em>NewBeauty</em> magazine, she blamed the pressures of the industry, the professionals who are always happy to encourage just one more injection and herself for not knowing when to say when. But she&rsquo;s not the only celeb who&rsquo;s coming clean about her plastic surgery past. Here are 10 stars who are getting real about what&rsquo;s fake...</p> <em> -- By Courtney Shea, Chatelaine</em>

Celebrities who regret getting plastic surgery

Courteney Cox and more stars open up about cosmetic procedures.

Vanessa Hudgens has gone for the chop! The 28-year-old actress has shown off her dramatic new 'do on social media, sharing a gorgeous photo with her fans on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Vanessa, who is known for her trademark flowing hair, has had several inches cut off her brunette hair. She completely rocked the bob, pouting at the camera for the picture. "Oh she short," Vanessa wrote.
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The most dramatic celebrity hair transformations

Stars switch up their styles.

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