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Fergie reveals how 'mommy shaming' got the better of her

Fergie recently split from her husband of eight years, Josh Duhamel.

<p>Claire Foy of <i>The Crown</i> showed off her dramatic chop at the 2017 AMD British Academy Britannia Awards on Oct 27! The British actress looked completely different, in the chicest of ways.</p>
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The most dramatic celebrity hair transformations

Stars switch up their styles.

<p>First there were subscription boxes that personalized your beauty routine by putting together makeup and hair products. Now, there are made-to-order skin-care and at-home spa treatments that cater to your skin’s individual needs.

Customized skin care may be old news to pros like Vancouver-based dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers, who has been offering the service at his clinic for more than a decade. But the desire to supercharge our skin-care routines has recently given rise to everything from boosters that you can inject into your moisturizer for extra potency (consider it the beauty equivalent of adding a shot of ginger to your green juice) to face masks that you can cocktail together to address various complexion concerns. Here’s the lowdown! <i>-- By Jill Dunn</i>

The latest ways to jump-start your anti-aging routine

From customized cleansing to boosters and bubble masks, here are the latest ways to jump-start your anti-aging routine.

<p>By 2022, <a href="/tags/0/kylie-jenner"><strong>Kylie Jenner</strong></a> is on pace to become the first billionaire in her famous family. The reality star’s big payday is all thanks to Kylie Cosmetics, launched just two years ago. According to some estimates, one of her products (from Lip Kits to KyShadows, KyLiners and KyLighters) sells every five seconds. While eight-figure milestones used to take luxury designers like <a href='/tags/0/tom-ford'><strong>Tom Ford</strong></a> a decade or more to achieve in the beauty business, she has managed to tackle it less than two years.</p><p>Kylie’s also leading the charge of booming online beauty businesses that are catering in large part to millennials. They’re known as digitally native – that is they were born on the Internet, cultivated huge followings one swatch at a time, and sell direct to consumer. “In the beauty world right now, every individual wants to create their own personal brand. No one wants to be like anyone else,” says Amy Chung, beauty analyst at NPD Group. “Everyone is on the hunt for that next cool niche brand that not everyone knows about right away.” It’s a similar shift that happened in the fashion world with fast fashion brands like <a href="/tags/0/zara"><strong>Zara</strong></a> and <a href="/tags/0/hm"><strong>H&amp;M</strong></a>, notes Amy. “Turnover time was so quick, there was a disruption and now [it’s] moved into beauty. These newer niche brands are more nimble and turnaround time is faster so they can get products to market faster to meet this insatiable demand.”</p><p>Read on. Here are a few of the big players you need to know. <em>-- By Jill Dunn</em></p>

Millennial beauty brands: From ColuorPop to Glossier

These digital-savvy brands are shaking up the beauty business, one click at a time.

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