Michelle Obama opens up about her love of fitness and boot camp

The former First Lady spills secrets about her workout routine.

Kelsea Ballerini shows us what's inside her makeup bag

The country singer shares her go-to makeup products.

Temperatures are soaring, and it’s getting hotter than <a href="/tags/0/paris-hilton">Paris Hilton</a> ever imagined it could be. The good news is, there’s a crop of cooling beauty products hitting the market that have been formulated with ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera and mint to make you feel fresh, even in the most humid conditions. Here, we’ve sourced 16 cooling beauty products, from balms to cleansing wipes to masks, to keep you seriously chill when it’s practically a million degrees outside.— By Carly Ostroff

Beat the heat with these cooling beauty products

Must-have ice-cold mists, gel masks and creams that will keep you cool this summer.

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Olivia Munn reveals the surprising snack that helps her stay fit

The actress spills details on how she got in shape for ‘X-Men.’

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