Jessi Cruickshank's Bridal Blog: There's an antique ring on it

Some girls dream of getting engaged, having a wedding, being a bride. I never had those dreams. I dreamed about meeting the Backstreet Boys, about being an Olympic gymnast, about waking up without a unibrow - but I never dreamed of getting married. So when the subject came up about 4 years into dating Evan, I nearly spat out my Jamba Juice.

“Why can't we just be life partners? You be the Steadman to my Oprah?” I asked. That seemed the logical, practical choice, with no 8-tier cakes or fluffy white dresses involved. A few months later, we found ourselves oooh-ing and ahhh-ing appropriately at a friend’s sparkly new engagement ring. “So, uh… if we were to get engaged, what kind of ring would you want?” my man casually asked.

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“I dunno… Something old and weird.” I replied. Let me just explain. I love old things. My closet is stocked with vintage clothes, my house is filled with flea market finds, and my hands are covered in antique jewelry. I have piles of rings from my mom, my grandma, my aunt, my local Value Village… if it’s old and gold I’ll put my fingers in it. That sounded bad. But you get the point.

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Little did I know that “old and weird” was the only guidance Evan would have to start a year-long search for the perfect engagement ring. He went to antique stores, estate sales, pawn shops, flea markets looking for something “old and weird” enough to fit my picky, freckly ring finger. Finally, he found a 130-year-old rose gold ‘gypsy ring’ at a little antique shop located blocks away from where we first met in New York City. Given that I am a bit of a free-spirited gypsy myself, and that rose-gold is essentially the redhead of gold’s… he thought it was perfect.

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When Evan proposed, I was so completely taken aback and so desperately trying not to faint or vomit, I didn’t even notice the ring. About 45 minutes later, I looked down - it was perfect. He liked it because it was simple, I liked it because it was SO simple, I could stack rows and rows of other old, weird rings on top of it. Which pretty much sums us up as a couple. I can’t wait to grow old and weird together.


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