Lauren Conrad shares her top wedding tips

One of our favourite tastemakers, Lauren Conrad, married lawyer William Tell in a picture-perfect ceremony last year. Now, with her new book Celebrate on shelves, the 30-year-old shares her best bridal practices with Hello!.

How was preparing for your wedding different from planning other parties?
I think, for most people, their wedding is the biggest event they’ll ever plan. It’s probably the only party where you have a beauty or hair strategy and the pressure to look your best.

How did you and William decide on the style of your wedding?
Aesthetically, my husband turned everything over to me, but the vision really evolved over time. You gravitate more towards things that you like and put them all together and it tells that story. It can be overwhelming, but stay true to yourself and who you are. You don’t want to look like a completely different person on your wedding day. Mark [Badgley] and James [Mischka] designed my dress but about a week before the wedding I decided I didn’t like the sleeves – I didn’t think I could pull them off – so I had to change the design at the last minute.


When deciding on a wedding look, how do you separate classic from cliché?
That’s a great question and a hard thing to balance. When I first sat down with my hairstylist, I wanted to wear a flower crown but she wouldn’t let me. She said, ‘You’re going to look back and remember that was the year everyone was wearing a flower crown.’ And she was right. I love flower crowns but certain things read very of-the-moment and can seem really dated in a few years. You don’t want to look back at your photos and wonder what you were thinking, so I stayed more classic over trendy.

Dear 2015, 2014 is going to be pretty hard to top... ( : @elizabethmessina )

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As a guest, do you have a go-to wedding outfit?
I almost always wear a maxi dress because it’s comfortable and I inevitably take off my shoes – if you’re wearing a maxi no one can tell. If you’re going to be photographed all day, especially in a wedding, take a picture in your outfit beforehand to make sure it looks good on camera and is appropriate for the occasion.

Is there anything you recommend giving as a wedding gift?
Something they registered for! I know that sounds really boring but people register so they don’t end up with five salad bowls. If someone didn’t register, get them something disposable that you can eat, drink or burn – like a really nice candle, bottle of wine or basket full of treats.

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