Beyoncé wasn't in love with her wedding dress designed by mom Tina Knowles

Beyoncé's has worn an array of stage costumes and red-carpet looks designed by mom Tina Knowles over the years, but there was one design in particular that the singer just wasn't in love with – her wedding dress.

The "Halo" singer married Jay Z in April 2008 wearing a gown designed especially by her mom, but it has emerged she wasn't crazy about the ivory strapless dress.

TAP TO VIEW GALLERYBeyoncé and Jay Z's wedding Beyoncé wasn't completely happy with her wedding dress

Speaking during an appearance on the TODAY show on Tuesday, Tina admitted: "She was so sweet to let me do that. She came back later one day and she said, 'You know, when my daughter gets married, I'm going to let her pick out her own dress.'

"Maybe she wasn't so excited about it at the time, but she's a sweetheart."

Fans have only ever been given a glimpse at Beyoncé's wedding dress in her 2011 music video for "I Was Here". The strapless ivory gown features a ruffled skirt, with the singer adding a long veil to complete her bridal look.

Beyonce-TinaThe gown was designed by the singer's mum Tina

Although Beyoncé wasn't head over heels for her wedding dress, she has recently praised her mother for designing so many bespoke outfits for her when designers often refused to dress Destiny's Child during the early stages of their career.

"My mother and my uncle Johnny, God bless his soul, designed all of our first costumes and made each piece by hand, individually sewing hundreds of crystals and pearls, putting so much passion and love into every small detail," Beyoncé said as she collected the Fashion Icon accolade at the CFDA Awards.

"My mother actually designed my wedding dress, my prom dress, my first CFDA Awards dress, my first Grammy dress, the list goes on and on and this to me is the true power and potential of fashion."

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