Bachelor Dustin Milligan shares his 7-step plan for the perfect first date

When we chatted with Dustin Milligan for Canada's 25 Hottest Bachelors, the eligible actor's sense of humour definitely shined through - it's no wonder the 30-year-old gets so many laughs as the preppy simpleton Ted on Schitt's Creek. When asked about his perfect first date, Dustin went far beyond a mere destination; the Yellowknife native laid out his complete 7-step plan, a medley of Mexican food and celebration with a touch of embarrassment and maybe a smooch or two.

In Dustin's words...

Photo: © Getty Images

STEP 1: It would have to be on an “event day” like Canada Day, for example. That way, before the date even begins there is already an air of celebration igniting the evening’s potential. Also, I would help ease the initial awkwardness by wearing a Canadian flag tie.
STEP 2: We’d have dinner somewhere casual and, in keeping with the celebratory theme of the night, somewhere festive - like a Mexican restaurant with really crispy and really thin (and really free) tortilla chips I can fill up on because I’m so nervous that I forget to stop eating but it’s okay because she’s doing it too ha ha ha we have so much in common already this is gonna work out great.
STEP 3: Alcohol.
STEP 4: Because we’re both now all gross and bloated from such a heavy dinner (who’s idea was it to have Mexican?!), I would make sure to continue the fun somewhere close by, like, maybe a slightly kitschy, hole-in-the-wall bar that sells weird beer and is projecting Kids In The Hall episodes on one wall. (It is Canada Day, after all.) Ideally this bar is within walking distance.
STEP 5: I get about two beers in before my nervous-sweats completely destroy the fun, "goofy-tie-guy" persona I had mastered earlier at dinner, so I go to the bathroom, call up a bud who lives nearby and arrange to borrow a shirt from him. Then I tell my date that I just need to run outside for a second to fill up the meter and before she can say “We walked here,” I’m gone.
STEP 6: I return 25 minutes later in a completely different and too-small shirt. My transition from "goofy-tie-guy" to "mysterious-enigma-man" is complete.
STEP 7: The night ends with an endearingly stumbly walk home and, if I’m lucky, a smooch or two... but not three because we respect ourselves.