Pippa hints that she may be a ‘DIY’ bride soon

Things between Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend Nico Jackson appear to be getting serious.

In her latest column for the Telegraph, the 30-year-old party planner drops a bold wedding hint, wondering aloud whether she'll be a "DIY bride" after revealing her favourite places to buy bridal bouquets. 

The Duchess of Cambridge's sister also praises the art of flower arranging and offers tips on keeping blooms fresh. She said she loves waking up at the crack of dawn to peruse outdoor flowers markets and interact with "the always friendly and generally flirtatious traders." 

Dropping the "b" word in her bi-weekly column is a bold move for Pippa, who has been dating 35-year-old stockbroker Nico for about eight months. 

The photogenic duo have been inseparable lately, most recently hitting the town together for the Boodles Boxing Ball a few weeks ago and attending the London members club Annabel's 50th anniversary party on Saturday.

Back in July, a close friend revealed that the two were likely to make an upcoming marriage announcement in a few months, saying, "An engagement is definitely on the cards."

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