Channing Tatum developing reality show

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum is reportedly developing an hour-long reality show with A&E. 

But if you’re expecting a Keeping Up With the Tatums-style pilot to materialize, think again; the actor’s latest project is decidedly racier than that.

Instead, the show will be based on Channing’s "bordello-themed" restaurant/bar, Saints & Sinners, in New Orleans, which he founded last fall with business partner and friend Keith Kurtz. 

The actor apparently fell in love with the risqué joint after filming in the area for the film 21 Jump Street (though, by the sound of it, we would have guessed Magic Mike) and visiting numerous time. 

Following the ups and downs of running a burlesque club, it's unknown as to whether the former male stripper will star in the pilot (or whether his world-famous abs will make an appearance). 
Channing, 33, is married to actress Jenna Dewan and recently welcomed a baby girl. 

Would you watch a reality show starring Channing?

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