Mark and Donny Wahlberg will star in the reality show ‘Wahlburgers’

Mark and Donny Wahlberg are making their delicious debut into reality TV.

This January, feast your eyes on Wahlburgers — a new A&E series that follows the famous brothers as they return home to Boston to help run their family restaurant. This is, of course, alongside their “most talented sibling” and executive chef, Paul.  

Following the ups and downs of “one of America's favorite families,” the show will focus as much on the Wahlberg clan and their eccentric inner circle as much as the restaurant venture.

"Mark and I, my mom, my brother Paul -- we're all going to be in the show," said Donny. "It's going to be a lot of fun."

Incidentally, the Wahlberg dining experience is also expanding to Canada next year; the brothers are set to open a second franchise in Toronto’s luxury SoHo Metropolitan Hotel in spring 2014.

Wahlburgers premieres on Jan. 22 at 10:30 pm. on A&E.

Throwback photo: Mark and Donny Wahlberg in 1991!

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