Not bad ‘for a high school dropout!’: Novelist Jackie Collins receives OBE from the Queen

English novelist Jackie Collins has received an Order from the British Empire (OBE), an honour she described as not bad “for a high school dropout!”

The writer flew in from her home in Los Angeles to receive the prestigious award, which was personally presented to her by the Queen on Nov. 29 at Buckingham Palace.

Dropping out of high school to pursue acting as a teen, Jackie went on to become a best-selling novelist, famed for her X-rated fiction that delves into the lives of the rich and famous. Some of her most famous works include The World Is Full Of Married Men, The Stud andHollywood Wives.

The 76-year-old has mother-of-four has sold more than 500 million books worldwide to date.

“It’s quite a thing to write books,” said the Queen, tactfully avoiding the subject of Jackie’s scintillating fare.

Jackie’s next book, The Santangelo Cookbook, is slated for release on April 1, 2014.

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