Artist uses iPad to paint lifelike Morgan Freeman portrait

A painting of Morgan Freeman making its rounds on the web is so exact, and so detailed, that it is difficult to discern which is the photograph and which is the recreation.

Sketched on an iPad screen, the portrait of the 76-year-old actor has gone viral and it’s not difficult to see why; it’s nearly identical to the original photograph (taken by photographer Scott Gries) on which it was based.

Left: Drawing by Kyle Lambert; Right: Photograph taken by Scott Gries

The man responsible for the awe-inspiring likeness is a 26-year-old artist named Kyle Lambert, based out of Cheshire, England. With 285,000 brush (or rather, finger) strokes and more than 200 hours of work, he drew the fine details of the actor with just his fingertips on his tablet screen using a simple sketching app called Procreate.

Even more impressive is the time-lapse video he made to show how the portrait was conceived. The three-minute video has garnered more than 5.2 million views on YouTube.

Watch the incredible process below.

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