'The Bachelor' recap: Fantasy suite turned into ‘a nightmare’ for Andi

“What happens in the fantasy suite doesn’t stay in the fantasy suite,” promised Chris Harrison in what was to be one of the most riveting “overnight date” episodes ever of The Bachelor.

As it turns out, things are most definitely 'not okay’ for Juan Pablo and his chances at finding love.

The hometown dates: In part one of the two-day showdown, the Venezuelan soccer star headed to the ladies’ hometowns to make awkward small talk with their families, followed by the usual fare of fatherly disapproval and hypothetical marriage blessings.

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In the end, Juan sent one of his so-called “special ones” – single mom Renee – packing. He seemed to take the elimination worse than she did, crying and sniffling while Renee remained stoic as they said their goodbyes.

He would shed no such tears when Andi would dump him in the following episode…


The Fantasty suite ‘nightmare’: The overnight dates in St. Lucia began smoothly. First, Clare pretended to wrestle with the idea of going to the fantasy suite (she would later tell the cameras that JP is the man she’d “like to have babies with” and that this was “dream-come-true stuff, right there.”) Next, after showing up in a sexy Pocahontas outfit, Nikki also accepted Juan Pablo’s tantalizing offer to spend the night.

But it was Andi’s fantasy suite catastrophe that had Twitter abuzz on Tuesday evening.

Though Juan Pablo seemed to think things had gone well (they “laughed for hours, hours, hours,” he said), Andi had a markedly different take on what had transpired while the cameras weren’t rolling.

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“Waking up this morning I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite,” the 26-year-old district attorney said. “The whole night was a disaster.”

In an epic goodbye rant that will go down in Bachelor history, Andi accused the 32-year-old father-of-one of being a narcissist, having “no filter” and talking about his overnight dates with other women while they were together. He also apparently told Andi that she had made it to the top three “by default.” (Juan Pablo denied the accusation, explaining, “This word is not in my vocabulary.”)

Photo: © Guy D'Alema/ABC

His nonchalant reaction to the whole thing? “That’s okay. If you don’t think it’s going to work, that’s okay.”

Andi, however, was having none of it.

“It shouldn’t be just ‘okay,’" she said. “It’s not okay. When you say that it bothers me. You saying that comes off as you not having feelings.”

“Am I going to die right now? No,” Juan replied.

And with that – just like Canadian fan-favourite Sharleen before her – Andi dumped her Latin lover. “It’s important for me to be with a guy who loves me more than he loves himself,” she said. We’re beginning to see a pattern here…

So what happens next with Juan Pablo, Clare and Nikki? Maybe he’ll pull a Brad Womack and reject them both. All that stands now between now and The Bachelor finale is the Women Tell All episode, which airs on March 3 – and which may reveal more about Juan Pablo’s true feelings than any rose ceremony.

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