Jessi Cruickshank's Bridal Blog: Come On My Honeymoon!

A Honeymoon is a personal, intimate, private affair. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to share mine with all of you! You’ve been with me for every step of planning my wedding; frankly, I’d feel lonely without taking you on my romantic post-nuptials vacation. So pack your good underwear and some sunscreen, because we’re off to Hawaii!

As you’ll see in the July 17th issue of Hello!, my wedding was a Dream. Come. True… and my honeymoon was even dreamier. We left a day after our wedding, with blisters, hangovers and faint memories of eating In N’ Out Burger at 2 am, and arrived at the heavenly Westin Maui Resort & Spa. Not only did we get laid upon our arrival (Hawaiian joke! They placed flower leis around our necks, calm down mother), but 10 pink flamingos stood perched in the ‘lobby lagoon’ to transport us instantly away from real life.

If we were your average honeymooning couple, we would likely have retreated to our stunning ocean-view room to spoon all day. Instead, we spotted the 130 ft water slide and practically pushed innocent children out of the way to get to it. The Westin Maui’s pool was ranked one of the best in North America, so, determined not to act old and married, we spent a solid day playing in it like 5 year olds.

Next, we drove Maui’s famous ‘Road to Hanna,’ a road trip through the islands lush rainforests. Along the way we explored caves and black sand beaches, ate fresh coconuts and banana bread. Oh, and swam in a waterfall. Obviously.


After taking in the Westin’s famous Luau (even a married woman can appreciate a hot topless man hula dancing, ok?) it was off to the peaceful island of Kauai. Now I’m not gonna lie, when planning my Hawaiian Honeymoon, I may have googled old pictures of George Clooney lounging poolside and it turned out they were from the St. Regis Princeville Resort. It’s where George stayed while filming The Descendents and, thus, I had to stay there on my honeymoon.

Thankfully, Clooney was not there when we were, or my head would have exploded from beauty. The St. Regis Princeville may be the most stunning place on earth. Surrounded by clear blue water and rolling green cliffs, this private resort was only made better by the gourmet restaurants, personal butlers (yes, BUTLERS!) and multiple ‘coco-jitos’ I consumed at the pool bar.

On our second day in Kauai, my man surprised me with a Helicopter tour of the island. Um… how The Bachelor is that!? I felt just like Trista as we flew over waterfalls and beaches and the rainforest where they filmed Jurassic Park. On our final day in Kauai, we woke up to see this:


Yes, folks. That’s not a mirage - it’s a REAL LIFE RAINBOW outside of our window at the St. Regis. Like a sign from the heavens telling us never to go back to real life. And yet here I am in Toronto, sunburned and satisfied, writing about the greatest Honeymoon I have ever been on… and ideally, will ever go on. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

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