Pamela Anderson on marriage: “I think we’re doing fine”

Pamela Anderson has revealed that she is back with her husband, Rick Salomon, after filing for divorce back in July.

A month after the papers were filed, the former Baywatch star requested that the case be cancelled and, this month, Pamela seems to be singing a different tune.

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“It’s a real marriage,” the 47-year-old bombshell told People. “It has its up and downs.”

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Those ups and downs have been well documented, too. The couple wed for the first time in 2007, but annulled the marriage shortly after. In January of 2014, the pair decided to give it another go, leading to a second break-up.

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While the road may have been rocky, there’s no question that the actress is happy with her decision to reunite once more. Pamela added, “I think we’re doing fine.”

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