Take Five With...Kevin Zegers: Five Things I’ve Learned About Married Life

As a reporter on Gracepoint (Thursdays on Global), Kevin Zegers is eager to get to the bottom of the murder case that’s shocked his seaside town. “Everyone’s got secrets and you have to try to figure it out,” he tells Hello! Canada .

Off-camera, the key to Kevin’s happy home life is no mystery. He married his longtime love, talent agent Jaime Feld last summer. And so far there’s no fighting over the TV remote: “We watch 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline, any show that involves solving a crime is what we watch on the weekend instead of going out and partying.” Beyond sharing TV time, Kevin shares what he’s learned about being a husband so far.

I’ve learned a lot about married life, including that she’s usually right. Sometimes I’ll wonder about an argument, “Is it really worth it?” Also, remember to be nice to each other. When you get married, you realize you have a partner for the rest of your life. So you inevitably have to figure out what works for you. There’s no, “I’m leaving, this doesn’t work anymore.” It doesn’t work anymore – you’re married! You have to compromise on what’s important to you and what’s more important to the other person.

I always knew she was really good at her job, but being in the same house everyday has made me come to appreciate how incredible she is at it. Her work can get really stressful, so I try to make sure that she has a bath waiting for her when she comes home. My wife hates to be surprised. That’s as much of a surprise as she really wants. And if it’s been a really hard day, I’ll have a glass of wine sitting on the bath for her. Among the hundreds of things I’ve learned from her are patience, how to stand up for myself and definitely to be a little more ambitious.

Everyone says marriage doesn’t change anything and I think it does. She’s now my family, and so I’m much more protective of her. From the day we got married I thought, “Don’t [mess] with my wife.” Not that I didn’t think that when we were dating, but it’s much stronger now. I’ve also become really close with her relatives, and it’s really nice to have two families now.

Marriage is cool. It’s perfect for someone like me, because my first priority is to not think about myself. I think that’s a good thing. So when I go to work or have to travel, I don’t think of it as an inconvenience. It’s something I have to do for my family. That makes [being apart] much easier.

I was so ready to get married. My only advice is if there are certain things that aren’t working, they don’t just magically work themselves out. My wife and I have an incredible marriage. There are certain days when you have to work at it because you’re two people going through different things in your lives. It’s not always going to feel like your honeymoon, but with all of that stuff comes what marriage is really about: You have somebody who is going to walk beside you and completely understands who you are.

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