​Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren raise $900,000 for Alzheimer’s research

For the third year of their Hilarity for Charity gala,Seth and Lauren Miller Rogen took their guests to the prom - in the 1980s, of course - and donated nearly $1 million to Alzheimer's research.

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen © Getty

The annual event is inspired by Lauren’s mother, who was diagnosed with the mentally degenerative disease in her early 50s.

At the fundraiser, guests – including the winner of Seth’s prom contest – were privy to performances by comedian Sarah Silverman, actor and musician Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and “Poison” trio Bel Biv DeVoe.

Sarah Silverman © Getty

Stars like Judd Apatow, Rob Lowe, Weird Al Yankovic and Maria Shriver flocked to the charitable event in support of the Neighbours star and his wife.

A final tally has the event raising $900,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association, a cause that brought Seth before the Senate Appropriations Committee in Washington in February.

"Weird Al" Yankovic © Getty

“I came here today for a few reasons,” said the 32-year-old funnyman. “One, I’m a huge House of Cards fan. Just marathoned the whole thing. Had to be here. Two is to say people need more help.”


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