Take Five With... David Rocco: Ways to Live 'La Dolce Vita'

No matter where his career takes him, David Rocco lives life the Italian way.

“It’s not about having the biggest house, or a fancy car or buckets of money,” says the celebrity chef and father of three. “It’s about living in the moment and taking the time to appreciate the things that bring you joy.”

David can currently be found on ¡Hola! TV's Dolce India, but there's a definite thread that runs through his undertakings. For years, he’s shared delicious recipes with fans and encouraged them to take time out to savour meals with their family and friends.

Now, David's rounding out the ideal Italian table with his very own line of wines, David Rocco’s Dolce Vita Chianti, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco, in LCBO stores this month (and the rest of Canada in 2015). Here, David dishes on his five favourite ways to infuse every day with a taste of the dolce vita.

I love leaving my house early in the morning. While most of the city is still sleeping, I sit at a local café and enjoy an espresso. Even though it’s such a simple, ordinary thing, it’s important to have those quiet moments for yourself. Or, if I’m totally honest with myself, sometimes it’s just nice to get away from my kids.

People tend to think of sparkling wine as a beverage for special occasions only, but I think Prosecco has just as much of a place served with a homemade pizza as it does at a dinner party. The bubbles add a festive feel to your meal, without having the price tag of champagne.

I think we all have a tendency to take the places we live in for granted. Play hooky from work one day and explore a part of the city you’ve never been to before. You’ll get a fresh perspective!

Canadians are so polite and reserved! In Italy, everyone talks to everyone. There’s more connection, more of a sense of community. If I’m out to dinner and the person at the next table comments on how good my food looks, I’ll offer them a bite. Try saying hello to a stranger on the street or buying the next person in line a coffee.

When I’m having friends and family over for dinner (which is often), I like to invite them into the kitchen while I’m preparing the food. I’ll open a nice bottle of Chianti and we can sip and chat while I finish things up. They can also lend a hand with making the salad or topping off the bruschetta. It’s a lot of fun and it takes pressure off the host.

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