Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 7: No trust in Lisa, and grandpa needs his own show

Being nervous when you’re the Bachelor is standard. Meeting four people’s families in one week? That’s unnatural! But we get to see Tim travel across Canada in an attempt to not only woo the women, but also their parents, grandparents, sisters, overly aggressive brothers, aunts, uncles and, of course, best friends.

Edmonton is our first stop, a city I know all too well after playing two seasons with the Eskimos. It’s really not a date in “The City of Champions” until you wear number 99 on your back. In this date, reminiscent of Happy Gilmore’s first date with Virginia Venit, we see that Tim’s got some serious moves on the ice – and it also happens to be the first time someone has stick-handled on an Edmonton ice surface in skinny jeans! They do have really great chemistry together, but how will Tim fare with good ol’ Edmonton folks.

Tim and Trisha in Edmonton

In a pure show of disarming western charm, Trish describes her family as a group of “odd balls,” but that’s “just like me!” Let’s be honest, I could spend some time dissecting their relationship, but all I want to do is talk about her grandpa, who clearly needs his own show! And there’s nothing more comforting for Tim, I imagine, then a big personality to take some of the heat off of him for a night. And….“I’m falling for you.” Trish didn’t use the L word, but her subtle implication was clearly received!

Damn you, Porter Airlines - how many times have I caught myself saying‘my flight to Sudbury has been delayed!’ The silver lining is that we’re in Tim’s own backyard, where he can show Sachelle his ’hood. How gangsta of you, Tim! After a quick cup of coffee and some Porter maintenance we’re off to see the protective brother of all protective brothers. Right off the bat, we have Tim being sized up to be laid out if he steps out of line. Now this doesn’t happen, after some quick diversion tactics.

Tim with Sachelle and her family

On AB’s (April Brockman) Wasaga Beach date, she finally opens up after weeks. I’m more excited about this date, because she is my pick and I’m finally hearing a few sentences strung together without interruption. Basically, finding out who AB is. After reliving a childhood tragedy and ongoing family issues, you could tell this was a huge moment for her to look for compassion from Tim. And she got it. But lets be honest, the guy sprinted from his car down a sand bar to run and get to her as quickly as possible without any regard for his own safety.

AB’s family seems genuine and sweet, her grandma seems compassionate and as soon as she sees AB’s interest in Tim, her mindset switches from judgmental to completely on board. Tim’s eagerness to get close despite past issues and offer full support won them over. And with AB telling Tim that she’s falling down the rabbit hole, I’m sure this entire date was the most developed.

Sachelle and Tim in Sudbury

Lisa vs. Sachelle: who was telling the truth? Lisa claims that she is and the server kissed her. Sachelle says nope, Lisa went back in for seconds! Well, Tim ultimately won’t go through the charade of meeting Lisa’s family with this in the back of his mind, and ultimately decides that he’s siding with his gut on this one. He can’t trust Lisa. I was going to take a stand or offer a modicum of defence for Lisa but I have none. Tim steps up to the plate and follows his gut! Can’t fault him on that. But a rather quick exit for someone who did make the season “fun!” (And yes, I use the word loosely.)

So, no one’s going home at the rose ceremony, right? Nope – shaking things up. Two roses mean Tim knows what he wants… and that happens to be AB and Trish! We are going right into the “women rip on Tim” episode and then (can you believe it?), in two weeks, the possible Proposal? Wait, where are the fantasy suites episodes? Please tell me they’re in Tahiti!

Lisa and Tim in Calgary

Lisa: I will miss watching you, and so will Canada. Please film your off-camera bar escapades next time.

Sachelle: I’d blame Porter, but damn if they don’t have good inflight service!

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