Brad Smith on the 'Bachelor Canada' Finale: I told you so! And my Q&A with Tim Warmels

The rationale behind me writing this Bachelor Canada blog for Hello! Canada is that I have a unique perspective, having been there myself. It clearly has nothing to do with my next-level prose and ability to seamlessly marry seemingly super-intelligent and inanely idiotic insights! But more than that, I get to be an advocate for both sides of this interesting equation. Defending the reality TV aspect of the show and, at the same time, embracing the ludicrous nature of the concept. I only say the latter because for anyone to go on television and find love in a mansion of 25 women over a two-month period and propose to them and have the relationship work out is, in fact, a tad unlikely.

But as much as there is a large percentage of empirical evidence that proves the equation’s rate of failure, there is also a small percentage that illustrates its success! So as small as that number might be, it still warrants us genuine fans of the show to get behind a successful outcome and help foster the relationship created.

Now, I don’t want to say I told you so – well, actually that’s all I’ve wanted to do since week one…So I told you so! Congratulations to Tim and April (by now, you know her as AB). I hope that Canada jumps on board with your newfound adventure, as it’s about to be one hell of a ride!

I called Tim to recap the year that was, but more so to understand his mentality in Tahiti, the in-between reality TV time and his future with AB. So here’s what Timbo Slice had to say!

BS: What was the moment that you knew you were going to pick AB?

TW: In Tahiti, she slipped me a letter. When I read it, it said to act in the moment and that she would do the same. So, essentially, I didn’t know that she’d even say yes when I asked!

BS: That took serious guts!

TW: Oh yah, it did. But you live your entire life on that show in the moment…it just made sense!

BS: Because the show itself moves so quickly, by the time you're ready to start your life now with AB doesn’t moving quickly feel right?

TW: It totally does. When you know what you want and you have it, moving quickly seems natural.

BS: Most people don’t know that there’s a five-month period between getting engaged and appearing in public together. What’s been the best and worst part of that in-between time!

TW: The worst is literally not getting to spend all the moments that you’ve been excited to have. You’re excited and just want them to happen right away. The best is the fact that our relationship is just ours. We’ve come leaps and bounds, focused on ourselves, and become even more serious so quickly. We’re just excited to be able to live and be normal!

BS: So what’s the first thing you guys are going to do in public?

TW: Starbucks! Honestly, you get to see so much of a person, but without life in the real world, there’s so much of their character you don’t know yet. The real day-to-day life interactions within a relationship that you haven’t met. I’m just excited to see hers! But I also, want to take some trips and I’ve got some great things planned for us already!

BS: Have you planned the move-in?

TW: Literally, her car is packed to the brim right now. It’s happening as soon as it can! It’s one of the…No, it’s the most exciting time in my entire life.

BS: So without using the words ‘enormous,’ ‘daunting,’ ‘serious,’ ‘life-changing’ or ‘heavy,’ how would you describe this entire experience from day one until now?

TW: It’s everything I’ve ever wanted, rolled up into a six-month ball!

So, television and Bachelor Canada aside, just talking to Tim and hearing the excitement in his voice made me excited for him. Excited because the anticipation finally came to fruition after what was surely the longest five months of his life. To go out and grab that first coffee, have a smooch in public and see the excited reaction from people who have you're your relationship blossom is so real, all an amazing culmination to such a crazy journey.

The main difference between Tim and I – and there are clearly many, all in his favour – is that he has clearly moved past the thought process that I was at around the same time. He sees that the relationship has many more levels of understanding and discovery. And even more of that person to learn about! Day-to-day life, being on the couch in sweats watching a movie, living the unglamorous “real life” of Bachelor Tim and AB is what he’s ready for! And on behalf of all of Canada, and Hello Canada!, I wish you and AB all the best!


“Team AB Since Sept 18th, 2014” a.k.a day 1

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