On the Town with Shinan: Cindy Crawford doesn't "get" hangovers, and Stanley Kubrick was messier than we thought

By Shinan Govani

If we didn’t already know that Cindy Crawford is perfect, I learned the other day night that she doesn’t “get” hangovers.

Her husband, nightlife impresario Rande Gerber, confirmed as much in Toronto this week. “My wife only drinks it on the rocks, with a lime,” he was telling me at a party held to welcome to Canada his new foray into tequila, Casamigos. Not only does the world-class supermodel not feel it the next day – or ever, darling – but it’s a fool-proof plan for anyone, Mr. Tequila asserts.

“Money-back guarantee,” the mensch-like Rande grinned as a fun Monday night crowd milled inside the Calvin Bar at the Trump Hotel. For a man who’s been in bars for too many of his nights – he was the brain behind the hot, hot Whiskey, at New York’s Paramount Hotel in the 90s – he seemed only too happy to be here with this gang of Canadians. Above us, behind the bar, a series of wish-you-were-here photos flashed on a screen, as if on a family-album loop: Rande with Cindy and George, in a variety of smashing locales, including Cabo San Lucas and Lake Cuomo.

And by George, I do mean George. In addition to being Mr. Clooney’s BFF for half their lives and his Best Man at that little wedding in Venice you may have heard about recently, Rande and George are also in the spirits business together. “We have homes in Mexico, and it started out as our house tequila,” matter-of-facts Rande now about Casamigos. And if there was any doubt that the tequila travels well, the guys bring along a nice batch when they set off, every year, on their two-week motorcycle-riding trip. And, lest we forget, 100 cases of the stuff was also shipped to Italy for George’s nuptials to Amal Alamuddin, back in September.

So, is George’s new bride a good tequila drinker? Does it have the barrister’s seal of approval?

“Oh, she’s good. She’s easy,” Rande confirmed.


Photo: Everett/CP

Stanley Kubrick was a genius and a perfectionist when it came to his movies, but he was kind of a a slob in real life. “He was a sloppy person, someone who couldn’t find his other shoe,” his widow, Christiane Kubrick, quipped before a special screening of Eyes Wide Shut at TIFF Lightbox the other night. This was timed with the arrival of an all-new exhibition in Toronto devoted to the filmmaker. Christiane gave interesting insight to the man she shared a home with, and whose “radar for the world was unlike anybody I’d ever met,” in her words, but to the world was known for his obsessive privacy. Famously, Stanley – who blasted into new cinematic territories with game-changing movies like 2001: A Spacy Odyssey, The Shining and A Clockwork Orange – never left England and never attended public events. Photographs of him are – indeed – almost impossible to find.

About Eyes Wide Shut, Christiane said that it has already been rediscovered after an initial rough ride with critics. And as for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who starred in the film (their last, both as partners on and off the screen), her late husband had zero apprehensions. He’d always wanted Tom, but got attached to the idea of pairing him with his then-wife when he saw Nicole in To Die For.

Dying just weeks before the film was released, in 1998, Eyes Wide Shut is now recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest constant movie shoot, “for over 15 months, a period that included an unbroken shoot of 46 weeks.”

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