On the town with Shinan: When Mary Jo Eustace bonded with Brandi Glanville, and Sir Elton's Italian-loving dogs

By Shinan Govani

Photo: © Instagram

It only took 10 years.

Dean McDermott has atoned to his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace, adding what is just the latest wrinkle in one of the all-time enduring made-in-Canada scandals. It happened just a month ago, according to Mary Jo, who became infamous when her husband left her for Tori Spelling a decade ago. Dean came to see her at her house, and “for two or three hours, took responsibility for everything,” she confirms. “I was shocked.”

The source of the revelation was perhaps even stranger – it came on Brandi Glanville’s little-known podcast, Brandi UnFiltered, during an interview in which both women compared woman-scorned notes. Like Mary Jo, whose marriage fell apart when Tori and Dean worked on a Lifetime flick together (in Ottawa, famously), Brandi’s own union with Eddie Cibrian collapsed when he did a likewise movie with Leanne Rimes.

Was this apology “off-camera?” posed Brandi, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, immediately making like Barbara Walters. Hey, not a bad question. Why, yes, Mary Jo said, adding, “There’d been no apology, no anything, for years and years.” She also suggested that the mea culpa from Dean, these days the host of TV’s Chopped Canada, may have something to do with his twelve steps, or rehab, given his own most recent cheating scandal – this time with wife Tori.

Meanwhile, Mary Jo has not exactly been keeping a low-profile these days. To the surprise of some of her friends and clan back in her native Canada, she even made an appearance in late 2014 on Tori and Dean’s new reality show, True Tori – going as far as to lunch with Tori one-on-one for an on-camera meet. When I asked her why she did it, she wrote me back, “I was tired of being portrayed as the cranky bitter ex-wife and wanted to rewrite the narrative and move on!” Realistically, as well, the erstwhile TV show host has a new gluten-free cookbook to sell – Scared Wheatless – so it probably didn’t didn’t hurt, as well, that she got to mention it on the show.

Mary Jo further elucidated to me: “People are still fascinated by it [her marriage’s interruption by Aaron Spelling’ daughter], and believe it or not it was actually surprisingly more cathartic then I could have imagined. It will follow me forever – might as well put a positive spin on it.” She also jests: “My hair did look good. That’s all I cared about.”

All a long time away, indeed, from the Mary Jo I first got to know when I took her as my date to the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto shortly after the scandal had broken – an award shows that also happened to have brought out Tori and Dean. It was one of the crazy nights of my life. Just try googling it.

Having accepted Dean’s apology, the famous ex-wife tells Brandi now, “I will never hate Dean. I want him to be a good father to Jack.”


In my next life, I want to come back as one of Sir Elton John’s pooches, with his Canadian husband David Furnish. Marilyn and Arthur – the two cocker spaniels in question – eat so well that only Da Ivo, in Venice, will do when they’re in the Italian city of canals.

The owner of Da Ivo – where the one-and-only George Clooney also had his stag last year – recently admitted that “once Elton took the dogs to another restaurant and they refused to eat a thing.” Giovanni Fracassi, the consummate host, went on: “Marilyn loves my spaghetti bolognese and Arthur will only have our special dish of potatoes and asparagus.”

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