Take Five With...Sophie Tweed-Simmons: How to use social media for good

As the daughter of KISS rocker Gene Simmons and Canadian model Shannon Tweed, Sophie Tweed-Simmons is no stranger to the spotlight. And with her must-follow social media accounts, fans like us get an inside look into what keeps her on the move.

When Sophie isn’t working on her clothing and jewelry lines, she’s speaking out about self-esteem and promoting healthy body image. Here, the designer and former reality TV star shares her unfiltered thoughts on how to encourage positivity with every post.


Sophie attending fashion week in New York. Photo: © Getty Images

I look on Pinterest for style inspiration because it’s a vast collection of photos and I don’t have to sort through people’s profiles. I just search, “flattering dresses,” and then pick the ones I want, make a mood board and work from that. Finding your own style is a process of trial and error for everyone. I look back at things I wore in high school and think, ‘That should be burned.’ Today, I dress pretty conservatively. I really like wearing classic pieces in a modern way.

Social media can absolutely be used to boost people’s confidence. If more kids didn’t hide behind their computers to say negative things and were more vocal about building each other up, then more people would be inclined to share about themselves on social media. I feel like people use Photoshop and filters as a way to protect themselves against negative commentary. But if the only commentary coming at them was positive, then people would be more inclined to share.

See Gene Simmons demonstrate his KISS makeup on daughter Sophie!

When I first started using Instagram, I really thought it was just for sharing cool photography. Then I started noticing that in some cases, it was more about a curated post than anything. When I do use a filter on Instagram, I make sure that people know that the photo has been altered. There are already so many altered photos out there, and it’s not always clear to young girls that they’ve been changed. I think that if I could be one less person who does that, then I’m contributing positively in some way.


Sophie with brother Nick, mom Shannon and dad Gene. Photo: © Getty Images

My family and I all follow each other on Twitter. My dad is really, really bad at using social media. He’ll tweet at all of us and then I’ll have to go back in and add all of the tags and hashtags. You know my parents! They’re really proud of what we do. I also follow The Centre for Child Development, which is the centre for abused children that I work with in Vancouver [she is also patron of the centre’s child advocacy unit, Sophie’s Place]. I love to see what they’re doing daily, since I can’t physically be there. It’s nice to get those updates right to my phone. I make sure to stop by every time I’m in BC.

I still think that some people are missing the point of social media, which is to use it to share something about yourself. Be social! I tweeted at Oprah and I followed her. She didn’t follow me back but I wrote, “I love you. You’re amazing, and you stand for so many positive things.” I think that most people on social media, especially celebrities, are good about responding to positive comments—not so much the negative ones. I just tend to respond to the positive people.

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