On the Town with Shinan: Kate Moss munches on multiple bagels in Toronto

By Shinan Govani

Photo: © Getty Images

With Prince proving the powers of his sorcery this week on Front Street with two back-to-back concerts at the Sony Centre, Jared Leto still roaming the streets as a punk-rock Joker while the shoot for the massive production that is Suicide Squad goes on, andKate Moss stopping here to eat bagels in plain sight, it’s clear that Toronto was enjoying a celebrity high point this week. Cannes? What Cannes?

To me, it was perhaps the rare sighting of the supermodel – Britain’s greatest fashion import – on our soil that was the most intriguing. As sphinx-like as ever, Kate showed up not once, but twice, parking herself on the patio of One restaurant on two different days, where – true to form – she was eye-spied enjoying cigarettes, which is hardly surprising given that the beauty has always been a pupil from the rock ’n’ roll school of modelling, and even famously smoked once on the actual catwalk in Paris. Leaving the hot water-and-lemon virtues to other more pious mannequins, Moss also showed a penchant for bagels, spotted at the resto eating two fully-loaded bagels. Lox, Stock, and Two Smoking Bagels, to borrow from a Guy Ritchie film. We’re talking cream cheese, capers, the works. And at $18 a pop – the price of the designer bagel at the ritzy Yorkville restaurant – I’m going to assume Kate enjoyed every last crumb.

Hey, not bad for the waif who once told Women’s Wear Daily, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” It’s a quote that’s gone into the pantheon of Kate quote-ables.

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Not that she speaks much, of course. Not speaking, as any supermodel-phile knows, has long been part of Kate’s voodoo. The silent supermodel, who can telegraph entire worlds with her every repose, once told Vanity Fair that her ex-boyfriend, Johnny Depp, taught her the rule to ‘never complain, never explain.’

It was on the second bagel outing, by the way, where Kate was joined by another model of contemporary renown, Cara Delevingne. The latter was on the patio in a bath robe. Kate was not. Having forged a great generations-spanning bond, theirs is such a meta-relationship that Kate even dressed up as Cara for a Halloween bash last year, complete with beanie hat and an outfit steeped in Cara’s insouciant sense of style.

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The most interesting thing about Kate’s visit to Toronto, I hasten to add: that she was on this side of the pond at all. A tiny miracle! Having missed the Met Gala for the last six (!) years in a row, an event that is considered the “Fashion Oscars” and where top models turn up on cue, it’s been widely reported that the British beauty has had issues obtaining US work visas following her well-publicized scandal a decade ago. Last year, when Kate had posed for Playboy’s 60th anniversary and the brand prepared a giant celebration for the landmark issue in L.A., it was visa issues that again caused the event to be moved to London. Last month – plot thickening – she also missed another Stateside fashion party, this one hosted by Burberry, one of her biggest clients.

Whatever the specific challenges are here, I’m with those who say this is all a bit over-the-top where any U.S. hard-line is concerned, and I’m glad to see Canada being a little more reasonable. Married now with a child, and beyond successful, she was never specifically charged for the offences, let’s remember. So, I gotta say it: Free Kate Moss!


Photo: © Getty Images

“The most idyllic work situation I’ll ever be in.” That’s how Canada’s Paul Shaffer describes his three-plus decades working with David Letterman, as the longest-running late-night TV host in history wrapped things up this week. As both house-band leader and a comic foil to David, Paul had an interesting response when Billboard asked him for the secret to their longevity, theirs being a relationship that’s lasted longer than a lot of celebrity marriages! “Dave,” he said, “has made sure that our relationship stands above all else, and he’s made a point of asking me out to dinner a number of times to cement things. Thirty-three years ago, he was a guy who could make me laugh, and sometimes I’m able to make him laugh as well, and I think that was the start of the relationship.”

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