Bacon, pregnant woman, selfie: 38 new emojis are being released

Do you sometimes feel like your Emojis are letting you down? Like you can’t fully express your love of bacon, or thoughts about men in tuxedos? Well worry not, because Unicode – the company behind the textable photos – is unveiling a new bundle of icons sure to fill the voids. Among the 38 new designs are clinking glasses, bacon, a prince and avocado.

Scroll below for the full list of new emojis


38 new emojis are set to be released

Celebrities including Kim Kardashian will no doubt be using the new ’selfie’ emoji, which is part of the new ’hands’ section. There will also be new foods including croissant, cucumber and carrot could prove to be a hit with foodies, particularly on Instagram where many users often share photos of their food.

However, fans will have to wait a while longer for the new emoticons – they are reportedly set to land on our screens in June 2016.

The new designs include bacon, clinking glasses and avocado

The full list of new emojis:

Faces: Face with cowboy hat, clown face, nauseated face, rolling on the floor laughing, drooling face, lying face

Food: Croissant, avocado, cucumber, bacon, potato, carrot

Animals: Fox, eagle, duck, bat, shark, owl

Hands: Call me hand, selfie, raised back of hand, left fist, right fist, handshake, hand with first and index finger crossed

People: Pregnant woman, face palm, shrug, man dancing, a prince, man in tuxedo, Mother Christmas

Miscellaneous: Wilted flower, scooter, motor scooter, octagonal sign, clinking

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