10 reasons why we want to be BFFs with Anna Kendrick

By Erica Cupido

We aren’t just big fans of Anna Kendrick’s movies, we’re fascinated by the actress herself. From walking red carpets alongside some of the world’s biggest stars to posing for hilarious selfies with her off-camera pals, the Pitch Perfect star never takes herself too seriously.

She’s also quick to share aspects of her personal and professional lives on social media, offering fans like us a peek into her glamorous world. The key to converting new fans all the time? She embraces everything with a sense of humour. It’s an attitude that not only makes people want to see her movies, but root for her like a best friend would.

Photo: © Instagram

Even in televised interviews, Anna’s personality shines through. “ I’ve been trying to be more healthy…And the worst part is I feel so much better ,” she admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on the daily talk show. “I was really hoping I would just do it as an experiment, and I would feel exactly the same and I could just go back to eating Taco Bell whenever I wanted.” We can’t help but imagine having a BFF who works with George Clooney by day and joins us for take-out by night.

Here are 10 reasons why we want to be best friends with Anna Kendrick.


Anna arrived at her childhood best friend’s wedding in Maine last year with diamond jewelry for the bride to wear on loan from Harry Kotlar. Talk about a maid of honour!


Hearing about Anna’s workday is something we’d never tire of. Plus, she might have her Up in the Air co-star George Clooney’s number! And when she’s not busy travelling the world promoting her upcoming film Trolls alongside Justin Timberlake, the talented star is putting the finishing touches on her soon-to-be-released first book.


Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza is already one of Anna’s closest friends. With women like Aubrey and Anna’s Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson around, her inner circle sounds like one we’d love to be part of.

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We’re not always ready to walk the red carpet, and Anna gets that. She showed up for an interview with Glamour in a sweatshirt and jeans. “Just say, ‘She looks like a hot mess!’” she joked with the writer.


If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect and its sequel, you know that the “Cups” has pipes. She’d be the perfect pal to go to karaoke night with. Her go-to song? R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).”


She loves a low-key night in. “My heart is POUNDING,” she’s written on Twitter. “Well done to the crew and spectacular cast of #GameOfThrones.” Binge-watching always brings friends together.


Anna knows she doesn’t have all the answers. The Into the Woods star poked fun at her height when she tweeted, “Dear @ArianaGrande, Where do you buy clothes? Thank you in advance, Short girls everywhere.”


Anna’s a Beyoncé fan who says that hearing “Bootylicious” will always get her on the dance floor. “I’m totally obsessed with Beyoncé,” said the actress after meeting the “Drunk in Love” singer at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

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She’ll always bring treats and never judge you if a day in the kitchen goes wrong. “I’ve always loved baking,” she told Food & Wine. “My biggest baking disaster was profiteroles. I couldn’t get the pastry to puff up without falling or burning, and I was running around my kitchen panicking.”


Hanging out with Anna would have us in stitches. Fans already get a taste of her hilarious observations and wisecracks on Twitter. “I’m so humble it’s crazy,” she has tweeted, “I’m like the Kanye West of humility.”

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