Toronto Zoo’s panda cubs are the cutest things you've ever seen

By Sarah Kelsey

The Toronto Zoo’s insanely cute giant panda cubs are finally starting to look like pandas! On Friday, officials revealed that the duo have started to develop trademark black-and-white markings all over their furry little bodies. The snaps they shared on Twitter show the pair sleeping, smiling and even stretching for the cameras.

Staff went on to say that “both cubs continue to do well but are still in a very critical stage and will be for several more weeks.”

Since coming into our world on Oct. 13, the duo have been resting in a retired incubator provided to the zoo by The Hospital for Sick Children. Weighing in at only 187.7 grams and 115 grams, the pair are being closely monitored by staff from a variety of wildlife organizations.

Their mom, Er Shun, is also by their side, and holds and caresses them when she can. On their blog, the Toronto Zoo has said she demonstrates “excellent maternal instincts and began cleaning and cradling the first cub soon after its birth.”

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The cubs are reportedly suckling and nursing from her on the regular, and though their eyes remain closed, they’re wiggling around and learning to be vocal.

Because of their sensitive state, the pups will remain off limits to the public until they’re about five or six months old. This will ensure they’re strong and healthy enough to wander portions of the zoo. Around the same time, we’ll also find out the genders of the two cubs.

These are the first giant pandas born in Canada. They’ll remain at the Toronto Zoo until they’re relocated to the Calgary Zoo in 2018.

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