Why Jennifer Lawrence is never talking about boys again

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Jennifer Lawrence really doesn’t want to talk about boys. “When I talk about boys, the world implodes,” jokes the actress during an exclusive chat with Hello! Canada. “If I just casually say something (…) that quote haunts me for the rest of my life. So I’m just never, ever talking about boys again.”

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globe 2016 Nominations Jennifer Lawrence stars in the new film Joy. Photo: © Getty Images

And with the star going after her third Golden Globe at the Jan. 10 awards show and four movies in the works, including 2016’s Passengers and X-Men: Apocalypse, ­the 25-year-old has more to talk about than dating. The self-professed workaholic shares the same drive and desire to succeed as Joy Mangano – the Molly Mop inventor whose success story Jennifer brings to life in the new film Joy. “I just really enjoy working and I feel great.”

The Kentucky native admits that even as a child she felt the need to be busy. “One summer, I piled my stuffed animals into a wagon and went around my neighbourhood selling them, just to give me something to do,” she tells Hello! “Afterward, I was like, ‘Where are all my stuffed animals?’ I’m crazy. Clearly nuts!”

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer The Oscar winner loves spending time with friends. Photo: © instagram.com/amyschumer

When the Oscar winner does take a break, she loves spending time with friends like Amy Schumer and Adele. Even though all three are superstars in their own fields, Jennifer admits, “It’s nice to meet people who you know beyond a shadow of a doubt have no agenda. It’s rare for people in our position, so I think you bond pretty quickly and have that kind of security.”

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