Dolly Parton's most inspiring and hilarious quotes

Dolly Parton isn't one to keep her thoughts to herself. Whether through song, onstage or by social media, the country legend always speaks her mind. From her frank take on beauty and fashion to spreading her sunny outlook on life, the singer uses her inimitable voice for more than just hit songs.


Dolly shared her smile with Jimmy Fallon, whom she had in stitches.

“If you see someone without a smile, give ‘em yours!” reads just one of the dozens of inspirational notes that the music legend has shared with her more-than-three-million followers on Twitter. But words of wisdom aren't the only thing for which Dolly is famous. The 9 to 5 singer doesn't shy away from poking fun at herself or her appearance. "My own hair is so flat and fine," she's been quoted as saying when asked why she gravitated toward wigs. "I think God gave me talent ‘cause he screwed up my hair!”

The petite-sized star has a powerful voice.

The Tennessee native's spritely and infectious personality is one of the reasons she has dominated the charts for more than 50 years and earned a prominent spot in the world of country music. Her down-to-earth persona has given Dolly a level of sincerity that makes everyone around her feel important. "I just love people," she told Hello! in 2011. "My people, especially my mother’s people, are very outgoing. They’re very musical and very friendly. My daddy’s people are very friendly. I just never meet a stranger because I see my family in everybody I meet. Somebody will remind me of a brother or sister an aunt or an uncle. So therefore, I feel like I know everybody so it’s easy for me to communicate!"

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Dolly says she's naturally friendly and outgoing.

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