Bradley Cooper's look-alike says his 'daily struggle' is real

by Chloe Best

Being Bradley Cooper's doppelgänger isn't easy. While some would consider having the actor's good looks a blessing, 27-year-old Matt Katzenbach sees it more as a "kind of daily struggle." After making headlines at the Sundance Film Festival in January after being mistaken for the American Hustle actor, Matt says he never attempted to impersonate the Hollywood star.

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Matt and his twin brother Scott are often mistaken for Bradley Cooper.

"The entire time I never stated that I was him… They looked at me and said, 'Come right in,'" Matt told The New York Post's Page Six. The handsome American says he and his twin brother, Scott, have been mistaken for Bradley since they were teenagers, telling the publication, "Every day [we are recognized] at least two to five times.


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The twins are mistaken for the star at Sundance Film Festival.

"Now it doesn't matter where I go. I had paparazzi flood me in a random town in Mexico. I went to the Sky Bar [in Bangkok] where they actually shot The Hangover 2 and was greeted, 'Oh, Mr. Cooper, great to see you, come right in.' Then tons of people were just flooding and taking pictures. That was kind of the moment when it was totally surreal and I didn't get it."

While Scott and Matt occasionally enjoy the perks of being mistaken for the star, the entrepreneur says it's not always a blessing.

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Matt describes the attention as "kind of a daily struggle."

"At the end of the day, it's actually enlightening because it's not a great life to be under the spotlight and go to these events or parties or bars or whatever," Matt said. "Everyone is asking for pictures or autographs to boost their status. It comes at the expense of [a celebrity's] privacy – of their being able to be and act like a normal human.

"In a way I feel sorry for him and for all of the [celebrities]," he said. "Some of them want it, right? But I wouldn't want that life at all."

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