See why Shia LaBeouf is spending 24 hours in an elevator

By Sarah Walker

As usual, Shia LaBeouf is doing something that's uniquely Shia LaBeouf. The actor has holed up in an elevator for 24 hours as part of a performance art piece. The "experiment" is being live-streamed on YouTube and discussed using the hashtag #ELEVATE.

According to reports, the 29-year-old actor began his stint in the London-based elevator at 9 a.m. Friday morning. It's expected he'll leave the lift at some point in the evening, presumably to breathe some fresh air. He'll then spend the overnight hours back inside.

Two of his friends, Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, have joined him in the endeavour.

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"Visitors will be able to join LaBeouf, Rönkkö and Turner inside the elevator during this time," the folks at Oxford Union, where the lift is housed, told Mashable. "[They're] invited to address the artists, the debating chamber, and the Internet, so that their collective voices may form an extended, expansive and egalitarian Oxford Union address."

Shia is spending 24 hours talking to people in an elevator. Photo: YouTube

This is the latest in a string of unique art projects that the Transformers star has participated in over the years. He once invited people to call him on his phone and to "touch his soul." In November 2015, he also undertook a three-day marathon where he watched his entire film career on the bigscreen (that project was dubbed #AllMyMovies).

Though Shia rarely comments on these performances, it's clear he's dedicated to each and every one of them, in some instances to the detriment of potential film projects. He's currently shooting his next movie, American Honey, with costar Arielle Holmes. It will be released at some point this year.

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