5 things we learned about Justin Trudeau from his '60 Minutes' interview

Justin Trudeau’s profile feature on Sunday’s (Mar. 6) episode of 60 Minutes was both revealing and headline making. While the latter was a result of the program mixing up Margaret Trudeau with Kim Cattrall, the candid interview shined a light on the different aspects of the young politician's life, including his relationships with his famous father, Pierre Trudeau, and wife Sophie. He also admitted that he won't let the pressures that come with being the prime minister of Canada shake him. "I look at what I have as a challenge and I could list a whole bunch of different challenges. And I choose not to be daunted by any of them." Here are five additional things we learned about the 44-year-old leader.

He’s unapologetic about his rise to power

When asked about how he handles critics saying he’s too young and inexperienced to be prime minister, Justin adamantly replied, “Well, I-- the way I respond to it is by ignoring it I mean, you cannot let yourself be defined by the hopes that you will fulfill the darkest wishes of your opponents." And even though he has only spent eight years in politics, he said, "I was a snowboard instructor, I was a bouncer in a nightclub, I was a whitewater river guide for many years. I worked as a teacher. I make no apologies for a very varied set of life experiences."

He doesn't know what his father would think about his political success

"I think he might have [been surprised] because he didn’t always understand my strengths," admits the father of three when quizzed on how his father would react to him being the head of the government. Still, Justin knows that he would be proud of him. "He instilled in me and all his children a desire to do right by the opportunities we were given, by our capacities and our potential. He was very pleased when I became a teacher because it was a meaningful way for me to be myself and have an impact on the world."

Asking his father for advice was the most awkward conversation the pair ever shared

"When I suggested to him in the twilight of his life that I might go into politics and asked if he could give me some advice, what happened then was probably the most awkward conversation we had ever had. He didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know what to ask. And we suddenly realized that it didn’t work because everything he had taught me about being a good politician he had already given me about being a good person."

He had to work for Sophie’s love

“I guess destiny wanted us to meet again,” admits Justin's wife Sophie, who bumped into her future husband again on the street in Montreal after a rocky meeting at a charity event, which ended with Sophie sending Justin a friendly email which was not reciprocated. “The first thing he said was, ‘I’m so sorry I never wrote back to you, but I do have a reason. I’d like to have your phone number so we can chat about it.” But the TV personality wasn’t easily swayed, telling Justin that if he wanted her phone number he’d have to track it down.

Boxing has taught him how to take hits and never give up

"People think that boxing is all about how hard you can hit your opponent. It's not. Boxing is about how hard a hit you can take and keep going," said the Liberal leader, who showcased his tenacious nature in the ring during a charity boxing match in 2012. He adds: "That ultimately is much more the measure of a person-- than someone who says, "Oh, I've never been knocked down," or, "I've never been punched in the face." Well, you know what? Maybe you should have. You might learn a few things about yourself."

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