Canada's Most Beautiful: Q&A with Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci

One look at actors Robbie Amell (The Flash) and Italia Ricci (Supergirl) and it’s easy to see why the homegrown talent made Hello! Canada’s Most Beautiful list for 2016. For starters, they are stunning, but what makes them true candidates for the magazine’s top honours is their humility and love for their country – and for each other.


Hello! Canada's Most Beautiful Robbie and Italia

Later this year, the Ontario natives will devote their lives to each other when they say “I do” in front of their closest friends and family. But Robbie and Italia’s love story runs deep, all the way back to the summer of 2007 when they met on the Toronto set of American Pie Presents: Beta House .

While getting glammed up for our exclusive photo shoot with the couple, 29-year-old Italia reflected on the day she met Robbie and how they had to share their first kiss onscreen within minutes of being acquainted. After some light-hearted banter over Italia’s love for Michael Bolton and some serious quizzing from the Hello! team on all things love and beauty, the duo gave everyone on set a dose of #relationshipgoals as they posed and goofed around in front of the camera.

Here, Robbie and Italia spill their beauty secrets and reveal what they find most beautiful in each other.

Italia, do you remember your earliest beauty memory? I think when I got glamour shots done at like Sears or something and they put lip balm on me and I was like “Oh this is fun!” Growing up my mom had this beautiful vanity in her room with buckets and buckets of makeup and I would just have way too much fun.

And Robbie, you dabbled in modelling when you were younger. What was that like? I was so young that it was just like, I’d call them my jobs. My mom would be like, “You got a job” and that’s what I would tell my teachers when I would leave school. They must have thought some illegal labour was going on. I saw it more as just a way put a little money away for college and then my modelling agent got me an audition for Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and it was that weird moment that changed my life.

What is the most Canadian thing about you? Italia: I didn’t know what to say so I said my passport. Robbie: My love of hockey. I grew up playing hockey and I still love it. I’m a big L.A. Kings fans. The Maple Leafs are my second favourite team. I’d like to see them do something, because it’s a little sad.

Hitting the gym is Italia: Not fun! I hate it but I do it because I have to. I like pizza so that’s what I have to do to not turn into a walking pepperoni slice. Robbie: I like a routine of weight lifting; I’ll do a little bit of cardio but not that much. I love playing hockey. There’s still a men’s league in Burbank I play in and Italia and I go on a lot of hikes together.

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Robbie, are there any men in Hollywood that you think have great swagger and style? I like Clooney’s award style. He’s always classic, always a nice tux. I feel like somebody like a Jake Gyllenhaal stands out to me. I’ve never seen him wearing anything crazy. My style is jeans and a t-shirt.

Italia: You should have seen him yesterday walking around; he looked like a crazy person. Sweat pants, winter boots, a compression shirt, a winter jacket and a toque. I was just like, “Babe … babe”

Robbie: And I was just like, “I’m sick, get off my back!” (Smiles)

What is the most beautiful thing about each other? Italia: His laugh. And the fact that he puts up with me! Robbie: When she’s in like a weird giggly mood. I like when she’s laughing and she gets in these moods when she laughs at everything. (Editor’s note: They were asked this question separately and gave basically the same answer …. Sigh)

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