Shannon Tweed and Sophie Tweed-Simmons on Mother's Day and why they're best friends

Regardless of how far apart they are, Shannon Tweed and Sophie Tweed-Simmons are closer than ever. When Hello! caught up with this busy mother-daughter duo, 59-year-old Shannon was traveling in Ireland while 23-year-old Sophie was home in L.A. – but the stars of TV series like Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Shannon & Sophie were equally excited to celebrate Mother’s Day with KISS rocker Gene and Nick Simmons.

“It’s weirdly a holiday that we never miss,” Sophie tells Hello!. “My dad’s never on tour at that time. We had always been done with school and work at this time of year, so we’re always together on Mother’s Day.” Here, they reveal how they plan to celebrate, what they’ve learned from each other and the Simmons family’s rules for social media.


Shannon and Sophie are best friends.

What are your family’s plans for Mother’s Day?
SOPHIE: We always do Mother’s Day brunch with the whole family. We usually go to brunch and then to see the newest blockbuster. We were going to try to surprise her this year, and then immediately after we made the plan, my dad texted [everyone in our family to say], “Okay, confirming brunch!” And I thought, “Well there goes that plan.”
SHANNON: We could easily let it go by the wayside because we’re all busy doing our own things. Sophie’s the one who always brings us all together on holidays. She’s our glue.

Have you always been close?
SHANNON: Yes, we’re two peas in a trouble-making pod. I don't know how it happened, but I’m glad it did. I keep her confidences and she keeps my secrets too. You’ve got to have somebody to tell things too!
SOPHIE: She’s been my closest friend since I was born. I tell her everything. I don't think I trust anyone more than I trust my mom.

How are you different from one another?
SHANNON: I think my feelings get hurt more easily than hers. She has a strong mind and doesn't let things get to her as much as I did when I was her age. She has a very strong opinion of who she is. She’s not a people-pleaser. I think I let people’s opinions influence me too much when I was younger.

Do you have the same taste in style?
SOPHIE: Definitely! We share clothes. Luckily we’re the same size, including shoes, and she has an incredible closet so I get to raid that. It’s interesting because a lot of the clothes she wears are things that I would wear. She doesn't dress inappropriately whatsoever, but she is also always on trend.
SHANNON: We're different in the high heels department, because I don't know how these girls can wear these high heels!

Shannon, what makes you proudest as a parent? My children have every excuse to be spoiled, rich kids, but they’re not. They like to work and achieve things on their own. They like to produce music, write their own songs and Sophie does a million other things. I’m glad that they are feeling useful, that’s really important. Over the years, I’ve watched them mature and become really good, nice people, that’s what I’m most proud of. They have empathy. They’re always giving away their stuff and helping everyone.

Sophie, what do you admire most about your mom? She’s self-taught at everything she does. She left home when she was 15 and fended for herself in another country, which I think is just extraordinary. She definitely taught me the value of hard work. She’s worked so hard for everything that she has, I don't think people realize that.

The Simmons family had their own reality series.

Everyone in your family is active on social media. Do you like using it to share what your family members are working on or excited about?
SHANNON: I love that. It’s kind of like how every parent brags about their child and shows pictures to people. Now we repost their stuff! But we have to watch Gene because he can get a little crazy. He’s supposed to run the tweets by Sophie first. He has to spew it out, send it to her, then she retypes it and posts it properly.

Shannon, could you tell early on that Sophie would be interested in acting and singing? When she was a little girl, she could not sing. My son used to scream at her to be quiet. She learned it. She’s a really determined young lady. I think she can do anything.

What inspires each of you to speak up?
SHANNON: Picking on the little guy, or the mistreatment of animals. I think if we could adopt all the dogs, we would do it.
SOPHIE: People who work in the service industry being treated unwell really bugs me. My first job was working as a server, then I worked as a hostess and a bartender. So, I have to say something.

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