Michael Bublé surprises his biggest fan and treats her to preview of new song

One of Michael Bublé's biggest fans received the surprise of her life when the singer dropped in on her tour of the Warner Bros. studio. Lauren Lauwers thought she was just going to get to see some of the singer's memorabilia and hear an exclusive first listen of his song "My Kind of Girl," but little did she know, the Vancouver native was waiting in the wings to make her day.

"I think your fans are an extension of everything that you do," says Michael in the video, which was filmed for Vogue.com. "I believe that if your song doesn't connect emotionally with those people, you're going to be alone singing in your bathroom mirror with a hairbrush."

Michael's surprise couldn't have been delivered to a more deserving fan. Lauren admits that being his fan "is one of the best parts of my life" and has seen the crooner live in concert seven times. When Lauren catches sight of her idol for the first time, she quickly breaks down in tears. "This was the reaction I was hoping for, deep sadness," joked the singer before giving Lauren a giant hug.

After Lauren calms down, Michael plays her his new single, which she promptly gives her stamp of approval. The song, a cover of the Frank Sinatra and Count Basie classic, is expected to be the first single of Michael's upcoming album.

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