Anna Silk on life with Sam and Levi, post-pregnancy fitness and parenting tips

Canadian actress Anna Silk is loving life as a mother of two. The beautiful actress and her husband of six years Seth Cooperman added to their family this spring when they welcomed their second son Levi in March. And while Anna adjusted to motherhood times two with relative ease, she tells Hello! that her eldest son Sam, 3, had a bit of trouble settling into his role as a big brother.


Anna shared this adorable picture of Levi with fans on Instagram.

"It took him a while to get used to the baby but I think it’s normal," says Anna, adding, "It’s a hard thing for a three year old to witness and understand why [the baby] needs you all the time."

After some loving words from mom and dad – "I said, "You’ve got a brother and things are going to be a little different. Sometimes he’s going to need to eat and you’re going to have to wait but then we’ll play after" – little Sam has adjusted to life as a sibling. Anna tells us, "Now if he hears Levi crying he’ll look at me and say 'Mommy, go!' because he knows that Levi needs to eat. So he’s already starting to look out for his little brother."

The Lost Girl star and her husband Seth married in 2009.

Four-month-old Levi is also following in his brother's footsteps by showcasing a pretty cool, calm and collected personality, much to the delight of his parents. "He’s a really mellow kid. Sam was mellow but somehow Levi is even more mellow. He’s just happy, sleeps well and all that stuff."

In the months leading up to Levi's arrival, Anna says she was warned about the difficulties of having two young children – "One plus one does not equal two,” she was told – but has found the transition quite easy. "If you’re really ready and you have a good partner and a very easy baby then it’s not that bad and that’s sort of the situation that I find myself in," she notes, quickly adding that she is very lucky to have had help from her mother Ilkay.


After kicking butt as Bo Dennis on Lost Girl for five seasons, Anna thrives on maintaining a happy and healthy body. The star revealed to Hello! that the most important thing for her is to "stay really strong" adding that she tries to hop on the treadmill for at least thirty minutes a day. "I fit it in whenever I can. I used to try and make a schedule but I don’t do that anymore. I just throw on gym clothes and then whenever it fits in during the day I just go do it!" [Laughs]

For five seasons, the Fredricton native played Bo on the hit science fiction series Lost Girl.

The actress believes that there is way too much pressure put on women to lose baby weight right after a pregnancy and new moms need to take their time.

"I mean baby weight is there for a reason. You’re supposed to have a squishy belly for your baby to sit on and you’re supposed to have extra fat on your body to make breast milk, if you breast feed. Really, if you get strong underneath and give your body time then all of sudden you’re fitting back into your clothes."

Before we let Anna go tend to a hungry Levi, we had to ask the mom of two to share her best parenting tip. Here is what she said:

"The advice that I would give would be to recognize what your child needs in the moment and try not to conform. You know, it’s like ‘We want to be at this party so let's stay” – but you have to go, 'You know what? You’re tired and you don’t want to be here so it’s time to go.' I realized that’s really the best thing a parent can do for their kid is to really read what they need in the moment to the best of their abilities."

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