Anna Silk answers fan questions: From summer fun to her next project

When we caught up with Anna Silk to chat about her life as a mother of two, we had to include a few of her biggest fans' questions. Here, the Fredericton native opens up about her boys, summer in Los Angeles and reveals if and when we'll see her back in action, both on television and in film.

"I feel like they are very similar. They are both very happy babies. I mean Levi is only three and a half months old but he’s very joyful. He’s happy and that’s sort of what Sam was like too. It’s hard to tell at this point. I can tell you that Levi loves watching his brother. He’ll just watch Sam play and is just fascinated by him. So I feel like they both have a lot of levity to their personalities and their spirit, so very similar in that way. They are both pretty lighthearted dudes."

"We play in the backyard a lot and being in Los Angeles it’s nice to go to the ocean and the beach. Sam loves the beach and it’s just a really big open space where we can see him play. We like to go to the park and go on little picnics. We’ve been swimming a lot this summer so that’s been really nice. Sam has been taking lessons and it’s funny because I never really learned how to swim so I’m watching his lessons and trying to learn (Laughs)."

"I am feeling ready to go back to work. I really wanted this time away because Lost Girl was this huge show and it was amazing but I needed a break afterwards and wanted to spend time with Sam and have Levi.

Now I’m starting to get my head back in the game. It will be hard because I really love being a mom and being really present with both of them. And it’s always tough in this business because you never know where your next job is going to take you. Someone asked what I wanted my next job to be and I was like “One that’s ten minutes away from my house!”

I would just love to work with great people again. Lost Girl was literally like lightening in a bottle. It was a magical blend of people who had great chemistry and supported each other in a great work environment and I don’t think that happens all the time. If I can find that again and it was a great role then that would be ideal. But we’ll see!"

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