Rachel McAdams spills on Benedict Cumberbatch and being the victim of bike thieves

Avid cyclist Rachel McAdams is known for biking around Toronto and her adopted home Los Angeles, but not every ride is a smooth experience for the 37-year-old star. The Canadian actress revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that a very special accessory was stolen from her bike while it was parked outside of a shop.

"Your face was stolen," said Rachel, referencing the portrait of Ellen that was attached to a blue bicycle she received during a previous appearance on the talk show. "The bike was locked but your face wasn't locked down," she regrettably added. To ensure that the Spotlight star is never a victim of theft again, Ellen replaced the stolen accessory with a new one, complete with its own lock.

The duo's chat also touched on Rachel's upcoming role in Doctor Strange. The film marks the St. Thomas, Ont., native's first foray into the Marvel universe and sees the actress starring alongside Britain's Benedict Cumberbatch.

Rachel stars alongside Benedict in Doctor Strange.

"He's a great guy. He's a total gentleman," gushed Rachel, adding that she made sure to ask the actor how he felt about his fanbase dubbing themselves "Cumberbitches." "He said, 'It's very flattering but I just wish they called themselves something more respectable like Cumberhumans or Cumberpeople," recalled the actress, to which Ellen joked, "Those don't go with 'batch.' Does he understand that? He's not that bright."

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