Ben Affleck loves Taylor Swift, but can't name any of her songs

By Sarah Walker

If you were asked to name three Taylor Swift songs, could you? Ben Affleck is among those who can't.

The 44-year-old actor appeared on The Ellen Show on Tuesday (Jan. 9) and spoke to the TV host about his daughter's love of the artist and her ability to show him what's "cool."

“I’ve become an expert on the tweens. I don’t know how much Radio Disney you listen to, but I hear quite a bit,” he said. “When we get in the car, it’s got to come on right away. It’s got to stay on the whole time. I hear a lot about the romantic adventures of Disney characters who are on the Disney Channel, and we go to Taylor Swift concerts. And that’s my life.”

He went on to say that he's fine with spending so much time listening to Taylor's tunes, largely because of the positive impact she has on her fans.

“Taylor Swift is great, by the way. She’s a great role model!”

Ellen then asked the Gone Girl star to showcase his knowledge of the artist by playing a quick round of "Five-Second Rule," where celebs are asked a question then they have to name three things in five seconds.

When Ben was asked to name some of Taylor's music, he stuttered and failed miserably. "'1989,' 'I Still Love You,' the John Mayer thing... come on! She’s amazing. I love Taylor Swift. I’m blanking," stuttered the actor.

As part of the interview, the actor also praised Jennifer Garner for being a fantastic mom. The duo have three children together: Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Sam, 4.

“I have the world’s greatest mom [for my kids], but even she cannot conquer the obstacles there," he went on to say about his active and, sometimes, misbehaving, children.

Up next for the star is his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in 2017's Justice League movie.

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