Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone battle it out in a musical quiz

By Sarah Walker

What happens when you pit Ryan Gosling against Emma Stone to see who knows the most about musicals? You get a hilariously adorable video of the Canadian actor trying his best to keep up with his co-star.


The La La Land stars go head-to-head in a musical challenge.

The clip starts with the interviewer asking both stars if they can guess the musical based on the plot: "A couple's car breaks down in the rain; mobile phones weren't invented just yet," she says.

The 28-year-old actress quickly hops in with the correct answer, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, while the 36-year-old sits silently and finally says, "no... what is it?"

The pair are then asked to guess a musical based on some song lyrics. While Emma seems to know the ballad from Moulin Rouge, and even starts singing it, Ryan pauses. "I should know that," he says.

The actor then admits that he's never watched West Side Story, one of the most iconic musicals of all time.

"I thought you grew up in a house where they played lots of musicals," the interviewer posits.

"Well, you know, Singin' in the Rain and Disney musicals," the dad to two responds, through slight laughter.

The short video goes on to showcase Emma guessing pretty much every question she's given correctly, while Ryan appears to struggle.


Realizing he's failed the test by the end of it all, he wraps up the interview by laughing and saying, "So basically this is an intervention. It's a musical intervention. And I needed it!"

He adds sarcastically, "Nailed it!"

Ryan and Emma have won the hearts of critics and fans with their performance in the new musical La La Land.

The movie, which features them as a young couple in Hollywood falling in love, earned them both a Golden Globe for Best Actor and Actress. They're also widely expected to be nominated for an Oscar in their individual categories on Jan. 24.

On working with Emma for the third time, Ryan told the audience at the premiere of the film at TIFF that they're sort of kindred spirits.

“I like working with Emma because I think she’s secretly Canadian,” the London, Ont., native joked. “That’s why we get along so well -- she’s wildly apologetic for no reason.”

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