​5 things you didn’t know about Oscar-nominee Ruth Negga

By Sarah Walker

Ruth Negga proved to be the breakout star of Tuesday morning’s Oscar nomination’s ceremony. The Academy surprised many (except Hello!) by honouring the star with a Best Actress nod for her role in Loving.

In the film, the beauty plays Mildred Loving, the African-American woman who helped bring about an end to anti-interracial marriage laws in the U.S.


The actress owned the red carpet at the Golden Globes in Louis Vuitton.

Earlier this month, she noted many of her Hollywood dreams were coming true after years of hard work.

Given she was recently featured on the cover of Vogue, her comments to The Journal in January seem almost prescient.

“You’re striving for the Oscar or you’re striving for the cover of Vogue but you don’t think you’re going to get there, you don’t think it’s going to happen,” she said to the publication. “So when it does it’s something really beautiful. And I’m very grateful and terribly flattered about it.”

With her name now making headlines, many are keen to learn more about who the Ethiopian-born, Ireland native is.

Here are five fun facts about the talent.

She’s an introvert.

Even though she’s an actress who has to make public appearances, the star told Deadline that she’s actually quite shy. "Acting for me was a lovely form of escapism where I could be those things maybe I was shy to be in my own life."

She was a troublemaker.

Ruth jokes about being a reformed “troublemaker,” the result of her growing up with dozens of boys. In her interview with Vogue she noted, “We weren’t allowed in the house from about 9 a.m. till about 7 p.m.," she said. “I was an attention seeker, always in trouble.”

The actress was born in Ethiopia and raised in Ireland.

Fame wasn’t her goal.

Working towards being an international superstar was never the brunette’s goal when she began tackling roles.

"I didn't become an actor to make money. And I didn't become an actor to be famous – though people always gasp when you say that, as if it's unfathomable that an actor doesn't want to be a star,” she told The Guardian. “I like connecting with people, and that's what good art is, a point of connection. There's nothing better, on stage or on film, than feeling like you've achieved that."

She has a long-term beau.

Ruth has been in a partnership with Dominic Cooper (of Mamma Mia! fame) since 2010. They share a home in London and met on the set of their hit series Preacher.

Ruth and Dominic Cooper have been together since 2010.

She’s biracial, but doesn’t feel judged.

Though many people don’t believe the actress when she describes her upbringing, she says she never felt judged by the colour of her skin (in either Africa or Ireland). Her family moved to the latter when she was four years old as Ethiopia descended into political violence.

“People have very unique lives. I just didn’t feel my biracial heritage was a problem growing up [in Ireland],” she told the Irish Times. “People assume certain things about what ought to have happened in your life… It’s fascinating. People can’t cope with particulars, things that don’t fit into their experience.”

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