Jamie Dornan shows off his very impressive party trick

Little did Jamie Dornan know that his go-to party trick would come in handy on the set of Fifty Shades Darker. During his appearance on Conan, the actor revealed that he offered up his impressive gag when the film's director decided that having Christian Grey simply lift weights in the gym wouldn't do the character justice.

“I just happened to say I’ve got this like one party trick that I can do like a sort of pommel horse," the Northern Irish actor told host Conan O'Brien on Wednesday's episode of the late night talk show. The father of two was quick to inform the crew that doing the trick was a one-time deal and advised them to "make sure everything’s in focus and there’s enough film in the camera."


Naturally, Conan wanted to see the trick for himself, and asked Jamie to perform it on stage. And while the actor agreed, he was hesitant to try it out. "Just before I do this, if my face breaks or anything .. you will pay for all of that? he asked.

The actor has been making the rounds in support of Fifty Shades Darker, which hits theatres on Feb. 10. On Monday, Jamie dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he starred in a hilarious spoof of his R-rated flick alongside the talk show queen. During the segment, Jamie is seduced by Ellen who is armed with a variety of office supplies from Staples.

Here's Jamie in action one more time...


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