​Celine Dion shares her wisdom with contestants on 'The Voice'

By Sarah Walker

Celine Dion made her debut on The Voice on Monday (Mar. 20) as a guest coach on Gwen Stefani's team. Naturally, the powerhouse singer wowed everyone, from the crowd to the coaches to the show's hopeful contestants, who had the perform in front of the multiple GRAMMY award-winning artist.

"The most nerve-wracking thing about this is singing in front of these legends," noted JChosen, one of the season’s favoured-to-win talents (during his audition he enticed all four judges to turn their chairs). "It's intimidating."

Video courtesy of NBC

But as the 48-year-old has been known to do, she used her trademark sense of humour and affable personality to put him and everyone else on #TeamStefani at ease.

“You cannot be good all the time,” she told him, “You have to be good when it’s time.” She went on to reassure him that nerves were OK during practice sessions or when being coached, but not when it was time to take the stage.

Celine received the same advice from her late-husband René Angélil when she started her career so many years ago.

The Beauty and the Beast artist also offered some tips on how singers can control the emotions of a crowd.

"Intimidate the crowd," she advised while gripping a mic stand and flipping it from side to side. "Get close." To the latter point, she said performers must always maintain eye contact with fans, even if they get distracted by something. To prove her point, Celine attempted to pull each hopeful's gaze by spontaneously breaking into dance. (It didn't work.)

"I tried so hard to get undressed for you to look at us!" she joked of trying to divert the attention of each performer. "But honestly, you did an amazing job."

It wasn’t just the contestants who couldn’t get enough of Celine’s advice and personality, though. Throughout the show, Gwen commented on her love for the Quebec native and her energy.

“Look at how much joy this woman brings into the room?” laughed Gwen at one point.

In another, she noted: “I have the real Celine Dion right here! I'm so honoured to have you here, it's unbelievable how many people love you… I’m here to learn from you today."

Showing the feeling was mutual, Celine shared a loved up post about #TeamGwen to Twitter as the show aired.

Speaking to ABC Radio about the program on Monday, the My Heart Will Go On singer noted the mentoring experience was fun, but also stressful.

"I'm stressed for them!" she said of each contestant. "I wish they could all win."

Knowing that can't be the case, though, she added a bit of advice for each person who has never been picked by a judge (or for a job they dreamed about having): “It's OK to have dreams and it's OK to have a passion, but there's no proof and there's no guarantee that you will become a singer for the rest of your life… and you're gonna make that as a living. So, hold on to your dream, but especially, hold on to yourself. Don't lose yourself within your dream."

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