Meet the mom-of-two who is Angelina Jolie’s doppelganger

By Ainhoa Barcelona

An Angelina Jolie look-alike is so convincing she gets stopped in the streets by fans who mistake her for the Hollywood actress. Melissa Baizen is an ordinary mother-of-two from Wisconsin, where she lives with her children and partner and works as an optical manager. But on occasion, Melissa is given an insight into what Angelina's life is like as she is asked for selfies and autographs.

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With her full lips, long brunette hair, high cheekbones and clear green eyes, it's easy to see the striking similarities between the pair. "I do get recognized. I get stared at quite a lot," said Melissa, 34. "I find it funny. It's quite surreal. She has always been an idol of mine. It's crazy to be compared to her. I've always been hard on myself. Some days I see it but others I don't think I look like her." She added: "I wish I had her smile, I hate my teeth. I have looked up to her quite a lot. I like her movies but I admire her the most for her humanitarian work. My personality is completely different but a lot of people say I really look like her."


A photo of Melissa Baizen, the Angelina Jolie look-alike
Melissa Baizen has been mistaken for Angelina Jolie

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Melissa, who is nicknamed Angelina Jolie at work, has even dressed up as her celebrity lookalike. She once attended the Bristol Renaissance Faire as Disney's Maleficent, the horned witch that Angelina played in 2014. Melissa continued: "A lot of people were coming up to me. It's quite overwhelming. I get a taste of what it's like to be her. It's nice and I'm sure you would get used to it but I don't think it's on the cards for me. I'm just a normal girl."

A photo of Melissa Baizen, the Angelina Jolie look-alike
The mum-of-two says she's an "ordinary" girl

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Last week Melissa acknowledged her newfound Instagram fame, sharing a video on the app and writing: "I've gotten a lot of followers from all over recently and many greetings came along with it. Thank you for saying hello! So here is a hello back." Apart from the many selfies she posts showing her uncanny resemblance with Angelina, the mum-of-two also shares photos of her children and home life.

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