Michelle Williams calls motherhood ‘The center of everything that I do’

By Hayley Bradbrook

Michelle Williams has been raising her 11-year-old daughter Matilda as a single mother since her partner Heath Ledger’s tragic death in 2008. Now, the Manchester by the Sea star has reflected on her life as a mom and explained how being a parent affects every decision that she makes.


Michelle explained how being a parent affects every decision that she makes

“I think it’s really in the centre of everything I do, every choice that I make in the films that I do, every choice that I make about what I have for breakfast in the morning. It’s in the centre of my life. But I think that’s pretty ordinary,” the 36-year-old actress told USA Today during a press conference for her film Wonderstruck at the Cannes Film Festival.

Michelle also admitted that she finds her maternal instincts don’t shut off once the cameras start rolling. “Being a mother is not only who I am in my relationship with my daughter, but it’s a part of the kind of work that I wanna make and the relationship with the person that I want to be for her, so there is really no area of my life that is untouched,” the mother of one explained to the publication.


The mother of one revealed she uses her maternal instincts on and off screen

The Hollywood star has learned a lot about parenting over the years through raising her daughter and working with children on film sets. One of the biggest lessons she has learned is the importance of listening and accepting young people for who they are. “The greatest gift of about working with children is listening and responding to who they are, not your idea of a perfect child, or who you want them to be,” said the actress.

The Academy Award nominee added that embracing this outlook on parenting has truly made a positive impact on her daughter, so much so, Matilda thanked her mom for letting her be herself in her Mother’s Day card. “It was a picture with somebody in high heels on a skateboard. That’s my ultimate (goal); that’s what I want them to do,” she exclaimed.

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