Jessica Biel makes Justin Timberlake recreate ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift at home

By: Meaghan Wray

What happens at home doesn’t necessarily stay at home for one Hollywood couple! After an awe-inspiring entrance to The Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday (Sept 14,) Jessica Biel shared that she makes her husband Justin Timberlake recreate the lift scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’ – in and out of the pool!

Before she sat down with the talk show queen to discuss her hit mystery drama The Sinner, Jessica shocked the entire audience with her “Time of My Life” choreography – complete with the scene-stealing lift made famous by Dirty Dancing stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

After the 35-year-old breathlessly sat down for the interview, Ellen questioned whether the move is something she practices often, given she’s married to an incredible dancer! The Hollywood star revealed, “Yes, I make him do stuff like that all the time and his back goes out. It’s a disaster,” she joked.

While Jessica is a fan of her long-time love’s moves now, that wasn’t always the case. In a candid Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, the actress made a shocking revelation – she was not a fan of NSYNC when she was younger. Instead, she listened mainly to musical soundtracks because she was a “huge theatre nerd.”

Justin and Jessica have been married since 2012.

When a fan asked if she was Team *NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys, Jessica confessed, “I was such a theatre nerd at that time that I literally wasn't listening to either of those groups." She added: "I was listening to soundtracks, like Rent and old 50's, 60's music. I can be a little off on my timing. But if I had been cool, DUH, *NSYNC all the way, baby!"

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