Drew Scott shares his go-to dance move and what he loved most about ‘DWTS’

By: Meaghan Wray

For someone who has never danced a day in his life, Drew Scott showed everyone what a little passion and hard work can accomplish. Though the Property Brother didn’t take home the Mirrorball trophy on this season of Dancing with the Stars, he left the ballroom with his head held high, priceless memories and a lifelong friend, his dance partner Emma Slater.

Now that the competition is over, the 39-year-old realtor is busy planning his upcoming wedding to fiancée Linda Phan and shifting his focus to the various home improvement television shows he develops with twin brother Jonathan. We caught up with Drew shortly after his elimenation to talk about his experience on the show, friendship with Emma and his surprising go-to dance move.


Drew and Emma danced the tango in week 9.

How does it feel to have made it so far in the competition?

It’s surreal. [When] I was watching [DWTS], I was thinking I could never do that. When you see how well they dance, there’s no way! And then when I was actually in there doing it and saw how much improvement there was, it blew my mind. It really is a testament to how amazing Emma is.

You have such great chemistry with Emma on stage. Was it easy to find that connection?

We Tweeted back and forth because she said she loves Property Brothers , so for the last couple of seasons, she’s been messaging us saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to go on the show?’ And then when I finally made the decision to do it, I agreed with the producers not to tell Emma until we surprised her! She’s one of those people that is so much fun to be around and you can see that. It was instantaneous. We like to goof off and have fun. We’re always looking for a fun adventure, so it was the perfect partnership. We call ourselves a couple of quirky weirdos. We laugh every day and we work our butts off and we have fun doing it.

Week three saw the duo dance the Argentine tango.

You grew a lot as a dancer throughout the season, what surprised you the most about the whole experience?

The one thing that was a shock to me is the amount of cardio that I would get out of it. I dropped in total 34 pounds over the last 12 weeks. It’s like I’ve been in high school again because I’m eating absolutely anything I can to get the calories in. I haven’t been this light since I was 19!

Was it harder than you anticipated?

The exhausting thing is the fact that I had three of my shows on the go at the same time, so I was averaging about four hours of sleep a night and that’s not good. But it’s also a mental game; it’s hard on the mind, trying to figure out the emotional connection to the dances, trying to make sure I’m getting out of my head and not just thinking about the steps but being present in the moment.

What did you learn about yourself?

Ever since we were kids, [my brothers and I] were told by our parents, “Never take no for an answer. If someone says you can’t do something, find five ways to do it.” That’s something we lived our lives by. I haven’t challenged myself this hugely in a long time. Dancing is something I’ve always wanted to do. People tease me for not knowing how to dance, so I will embarrass myself on national television if I have to, but I’m going to get in there and give it my best shot. I mean, I made it to the finals and I’ve never danced before in my life!

Jonathan joined the pair for week four's jive.

How did your family support you over the past couple of months?

At first, Jonathan and JD were ready to laugh at me and make jokes, because they know I have certain go-to moves if I was at the bar or the club. But they were supporting me the whole time. They were really my biggest advocates. My whole family, including my fiancé, were there every week supporting me. I loved that!

I have to ask, what are some of your go-to moves?

One of my go-to moves is, I call it, the “boobie shake.” I mean, I can shimmy with the best of them! I can also twerk quite well… Well, my own version of a twerk, I guess.

Do you now feel confident hitting the dance floor on your wedding day?

Yes. I think my fiancé is getting a little nervous because she’s seeing the progression in my talent and she’s thinking she needs to pull up her socks. Lucky for us, Emma and her fiancé Sasha [have] already started teaching us some swing dance, rumba, some salsa, a little hip hop, and we’re going to do a mash up for the wedding.

Drew and Linda are to be married in the spring.

How did you celebrate the end of the show?

The wrap party was last night, but all four of the finalists had to fly straight to New York because we had to be on TV in the morning, so everyone else got to have the wrap party except for the four finalists! We just had food and some fun on the plane. We’re like one big family now. These are all friends for life, so we had our own celebration on the flight.

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