8 things you need to know about Timothée Chalamet

By: Ishani Nath, FLARE.com

You may not know his name yet, but get ready because actor Timothée Chalamet is about to be everywhere.

The curly-haired 21-year-old stars opposite Saoirse Ronan as her brooding love interest in the coming-of-age film Lady Bird. While Timothée is a supporting character in Lady Bird, he steps front and centre for one of this season’s most talked-about films, Call Me by Your Name. The film, which also stars Armie Hammer, is now playing in the U.S. and will hit select Canadian theatres on Dec. 22. It’s already garnering serious award season buzz, and we can see why.

Armie and Timothée co-starred in 'Call Me by Your Name'.

Even though the rising star was just nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor in Call Me by Your Name, Timothée hasn’t bought into his own hype yet. “I have the tremendous gift of absolutely nobody knowing who I am, so I thought that if this doesn’t work, then onto the rest of life,” he told Ellen DeGeneres in a recent interview. It’s safe to say though that with both his roles in Lady Bird and Call Me by Your Name, all of that is about to change.

So who is Timothée Chalamet? Consider this an introduction to the man who is soon-to-be a Hollywood superstar.

He’s a true New Yorker

Timothée grew up on the busy streets of New York City and attended the prestigious LaGuardia High School for the performing arts—right around the corner from where he is now doing appearances on late-night talk shows. He clearly loves his city and recently called out some of his fave hometown talent who inspired him to pursue the arts, including Mary J. Blige, Edie Falco, Greta Gerwig (who was his director in Lady Bird), Al Pacino, John Leguizamo, Martin Charles Scorsese and Cardi B.

Il parle français

If his name didn’t give you a hint, Timothée has some French roots. His father, who has been accompanying the young actor on some of his talk show appearances, is French and Timothée speaks the language fluently. Growing up, his family spent their summers in a small town in France. C’est la vie, non?

He learned a bunch of new skills for Call Me by Your Name

One of the recently released clips from Call Me by Your Name shows Timothée artfully playing the piano, as if it’s a skill he’s honed over years of practice. Jokes on us though because Timothée specifically learned how to play the piano and the guitar—and how to speak Italian—just for the film.

He’s also a low-key rapper

In high school, Timothée decided to take one of his assignments for his statistics class in a bit of a different direction. Rather than submit a paper, Timothée created a rap video. While his career as “Timmy T” may have been short-lived, the video has recently gone viral, thanks to talk show hosts including Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden—and they gave him a much better grade than the D he got from Ms. Lawton.

Speaking of musical talent, he’s a big Kid Cudi fan

As a native New Yorker, Timothée is a big fan of talent from the Big Apple. In particular, he has serious respect for actor and recording artist Kid Cudi. At 17, Timothée recalls seeing Kid Cudi in concert in Montreal, and managing to get backstage to talk to his icon. “He really inspired me to be an artist in a lot of ways,” Timothée told James Corden.

Armie Hammer gave him beard burn

Fresh-faced Timothée’s very first rehearsal scene with Armie Hammer was a make out scene where the two actors were instructed to passionately kiss while rolling around in a field. And that was only one of many intimate moments Armie and Timothée would share while filming Call Me by Your Name. Timothée divulged on Ellen that while making out with Armie was a pleasure, he ended up with some serious beard burn courtesy of hi co-star's stubble.

Me and @armiehammer went on @theellenshow !!! Tune in tomorrow !!! #callmebyyourname 

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He’s got more movies in the works, including one with Selena Gomez

This may be the actor's big breakout moment, but Hollywood seems to have already taken notice of this rising star. In 2018, audiences will also see Timothée in the western Hostiles, which stars Rosamund Pike and Christian Bale. He is also part of the cast of the highly controversial Woody Allen film A Rainy Day in New York, where he stars opposite Selena Gomez.

He’s already winning awards

It’s early in awards season but the star is already taking home some serious hardware. The young actor beat out Mary J. Blige to win the award for the best Breakthrough Actor at the Independent Filmmaker Project’s Gotham Awards. He also took home the Hollywood Breakout Performance Actor Award at this year’s Hollywood Film Awards. Both awards were for his role in Call Me by Your Name, and it’s pretty safe to say that they will not be the last accolades he will receive for this film.

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