5 things to know about Tyler Ross, the Canadian filmmaker behind Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video

By: Meaghan Wray

Tyler Ross goes by the moniker WhiteTrashTyler, an ironic nickname given that he now schmoozes with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. But that wasn’t always the case. The Canadian man behind the lens of Kylie Jenner’s viral pregnancy and birth video comes from very humble beginnings. The family behind the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians are known for picking out and claiming unknown talent, but Tyler has made a name for himself on his own. Here are five things you should know about the homegrown filmmaker who documented “To Our Daughter,” which has now garnered over 35 million views in just two days.

He’s from small-town Canada

Tyler was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, where he first got into videography by shooting his friends skateboarding. Eventually, he followed his dreams, packing up and moving to Los Angeles.

WhiteTrashTyler is an homage to home

People have a lot of assumptions about where he’s from, he explained to Complex. “When I tell people I’m from Nova Scotia, the first thing they say is ‘Where the hell is that?’ They expect me to be some hick from Canada. So I think it’s funny to just roll with that assumption that people have about me.”

He used to be a garbage man

He may be an in-demand celebrity videographer now, but that wasn’t always the case. To make ends meet, he told Complex, Tyler worked as a garbage collector, “I was shooting videos part time but I wasn’t making enough money to survive.”

You’ve got a friend in me!

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He turned down an office job to pursue his passion

Tyler graduated from college with a degree in marketing and promptly turned down a lucrative job opportunity with a tobacco company to move to Los Angeles. From crashing on couches to sleeping in run-down hostels, Tyler was helping anyone who would have him by shooting or editing videos before getting some big breaks.

He broke into the scene by working with Kanye West

Tyler is the man behind Kanye’s “Famous” visuals. He’s also been responsible for capturing behind-the-scenes footage of the rapper’s music tours and Yeezy collections creative process. The videographer was also the master editor behind the well-known video montage that Kanye gifted his wife Kim Kardashianon her 36th birthday. After working with Canadian star Drake, the artist is now following Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar on tour, “[Travis] just DM’d me and was like, ‘Yo! Clear your schedule and come on tour with me’,” he explained to Complex.

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