Celine Dion: The A to Z guide to Canada's 'Queen of Pop'

Celine Dion has made our hearts go on for more than three decades. From hit tracks like "The Power of Love" to making the streets of Paris her own personal catwalk, 'Queen Celine' is a Canadian national treasure for so much more than just her stunning singing voice. On March 30, the icon marks a major milestone - turning 50.

Her quirky personality, generosity with fans, cutting-edge style and family values all combine to create the woman and mother of three we know and love. And on top of that, Celine also doles out killer life advice. “Every day you have to reset the clock. Things will happen in your life. But you don’t hold on to it," she once said.

To mark Celine's 50th birthday, Hello!presents an A to Z roundup of fun facts, milestones, accolades and passions that have helped shape the star into the admirable woman she is today.

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