The Scott Brothers on taking San Fancisco and how Drew almost ruined wife Linda Phan's wedding makeup

By Sarah Trumbley

The Scott Brothers are taking on San Francisco! For the sixth season of their competition series Brother Vs. Brother (Mondays at 9 pm, HGTV Canada), Drew and Jonathan are going head-to-head as they renovate two separate properties just outside the Golden Gate City – Drew’s “California modern ranch” and Jonathan’s “eco-chic, minimalistic” home – in hopes of scoring the highest resale value and winning brotherly bragging rights. “You talk a big game,” Drew quipped to Jonathan over the phone as they playfully egged each other on.

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Here, the self-proclaimed “ultimate pranksters,” both 40, chat with Hello! about the new season, their friendly sibling rivalry and Drew’s Italian wedding to longtime girlfriend Linda Phan – where his sweet gesture almost ruined the bride-to-be's makeup on her big day and the Dancing with the Stars alum got to put his moves to good use! “Emma [Slater] and Sasha [Farber, from DWTS] choreographed our first dance,” Drew tells us. “Everyone thought it was going to be a regular, boring first dance and then we got into this epic mashup!”

Drew and Jonathan go head to head in a San Francisco design challenge. Photo: @ Gilles Mingasson

Tell us about this season of Brother Vs. Brother.
Drew: The biggest challenge for us this season ... [was] not seeing the houses first. We saw them online but we didn’t physically get to walk through them, which we typically do for flip properties. So it was quite the challenge – especially with Jonathan’s, his house was abandoned for 10 years.
Jonathan: It was waiting for the right person to come along and use it to win Brother Vs. Brother !

The show is a little different than say, Property Brothers , where you’re working on the same team. What’s it like competing against one another?
Drew: Are you kidding? Jonathan and I are siblings – competing with one another is in our blood! We’ve been doing it since the day we were born. [ Laughs] It’s fun we love it.

The bros called on close pal Scott McGillivray to guest judge in San Francisco. Photo: @ Gilles Mingasson

You invited Scott McGillivray on to judge! He recently told us that Drew came over after Dancing with the Stars and taught him some moves. How did he fare as a judge?
We all know that Scott used to be a boy band member... he knows how to dance! But aside from that, on the show he was a great judge. He's like our brother from another mother. [He] and Jonathan share like hair, they talk hair tips all day long ... But he did a great job and he's always so thorough. He knows investment property like no one else!

We hear you two are quite the pranksters. Do you ever use your similar looks to play tricks on people?
Jonathan: Oh yes, we’re the ultimate pranksters … and that’s going all the way back to high school! We used to switch outfits and if I had to go write a test or something, and then if Drew had to do the same test, we would just swap outfits and change IDs and then go in. That’s the advantage of being a twin!
Drew: Jonathan once walked over to the girl that I liked pretending to be me … he made a total fool of himself and then – oh no wait that was me! I did that to Jonathan. [ Laughs]

Drew, we’re dying to hear about the wedding! Can you share your favourite moment from the big day – which happened to be a week before the royal wedding! We actually keep joking with people that we were talking to Harry and Meghan and were like, ‘do you guys want to double date for the wedding ... and do it together?’ [ Laughs] For me, it was just amazing to have 300 of our friends and family all come together from all walks of our lives – some of Linda's high school and elementary school friends, same for me, my old basketball coach from high school, my elementary school teacher, people we work with today. And we would never ever see all these people together in one place and to be in an an Italian backdrop. That was my favourite thing.

There must have been a few happy tears shed throughout the day?
Jonathan: During my [co-best man] speech, I made it two words in before I completely fell apart and cried. I’m a total sap, I’m the guy who cries during Disney movies.
Drew: Oh yeah and I told Jonathan, ‘the moment I see Linda walking up the aisle I’ll blubber like a fool.’ And I did. I was just overjoyed … it was a beautiful moment.

Can you tell us about the wedding special that aired on June 25 on TLC?
It’s so much fun! It gives our fans an in-depth feel of actually being at the wedding. There’s also a little surprise ... I wrote a song for Linda – it was just a way to show her how much I love her – and I recorded it, had it pressed onto a record and then I got a vintage record player. So the morning of the ceremony I sneakily had it sent over to her.
Jonathan: Drew’s a jerk! On the wedding day, she’s getting all ready and he sends this over and ruined her makeup, she had to redo [it]!

What’s next for you and Linda? Are there kids in your future? I didn’t tell you? I’m already pregnant! [Laughs]. I’m just joking. Yeah definitely we look forward to having kids. We’re not in a screaming rush but we definitely want to have kids soon and we’re excited!

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