‘A wild journey’: ‘ET Canada’ hosts Cheryl Hickey and Roz Weston on the show’s milestone 15th season

By Savoula Stylianou

This September, Entertainment Tonight Canada is celebrating 15 seasons of bringing Hollywood’s biggest celebrities straight to your living rooms. Original hosts Cheryl Hickey and Roz Weston chatted with Hello! Canada about what the milestone means to them.

“It’s incredible because it’s been just a wild journey to grow and travel and have fun with people you really get along with every day,” Roz said. “Any show that gets to 15 seasons in any market around the world is, I think, cause to take notice and celebrate how rare it is.”

Cheryl and Roz (centre and second left) will be joined this season by entertainment reporters Sangita Patel (left) and Carlos Bustamante (right) and correspondent Keshia Chanté. Photo: © ET Canada

The milestone new season of the show has a brand-new look that includes a sleek new blue logo.

“Every few years, we sort of update what we look like and so that’s happening this year,” Cheryl said. “I think they’ve got all sorts of great surprises peppered throughout the year for all of us.”

Enduring, strong friendships

Cheryl and Roz have been working together since 1999, which is “a really long time” she said.

“When I came to Global, Roz was also working at Global and then when I auditioned for this show, Roz was actually in the room, which scared the pants off me that day,” she told Hello! Canada.

Being friends and co-hosts for so long means Cheryl noticed one change from over the years.

“It feels like Roz got more grey hair,” she joked. “I think he’s turned into a silver fox just right in front of my eyes.”

Roz said being on the show so long has meant laughing with the people he works with every day.

“Celebrity journalism only works when you take it seriously, and we all take it very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves or the process seriously,” he said. “If you can’t have fun doing a show like Entertainment Tonight Canada , you can’t have fun anywhere.”

Cheryl and Roz have definitely been having fun for a long time, judging by this image from ET Canada’s 1st season! Photo: © ET Canada

Fifteen seasons has brought huge changes not only on screen in the world of celebrity news, but also off screen.

“We have a really incredible group of people,” Cheryl said. “We’ve traveled the world on the backs of this show. Our lives have all changed so much since we’ve been on the show. We were single, some of us have been married, some of us have had children. It’s just a beautiful thing.”

“My kids are very unimpressed by me”

Cheryl is married to Kevin Foley, with whom she has two kids: Jaxson, 9, and Nyla, 6. Meanwhile, Roz and his partner Kitty Holland share daughter Roxy, 9. He said daughter has “very little interest” in her dad’s fame.

“She knows that I work on television, but as far as the thing I do for a living, I don’t know if any kid is really blown away by what their parents do,” he said.

“My kids are very unimpressed by me,” Cheryl said. “The only thing I got was, ‘Mom, one of my friends asks why you wear so much makeup at pickup,’ and that’s because I’ve just finished the show and I’ve got TV makeup on, right? I think my son would be more happy if I worked on a sports channel or something like that. And if I worked for LOL [Dolls], Nyla might be really into that.”

Meeting and working with the stars

Cheryl and Roz have had the chance to meet an impressive number of A-listers over the past seasons. The celebrity Cheryl was most star struck by is fan-favourite: Oprah Winfrey. Roz’s pick is a classic: the late Patrick Swayze.

But they told Hello! Canada not all interviews have always gone to plan.

Cheryl said she was most star-struck by Oprah, and we can’t blame her! Photo: © ET Canada

Colin Farrell asked if he could put a cigarette out in my eye,” Roz shared. “This was back when Colin Farrell was like ‘bad boy’ Colin Farrell, and the question was – there were rumours that he’d gotten married, and there was a big physical distance between us in the interview, he was about 10 feet away from me. And I said, ‘Can I ask you a personal question?’ and he said, ‘Can I put this f-ing cigarette in your eye?’ but I didn’t hear him, so I just asked the question anyway.

“And now, Colin Farrell, if you ask anybody, they’ll say Colin Farell is right up there with Steve Carell as being the most lovely person to talk to,” Roz continued. “He is such a kind-hearted human being and to talk to him is an absolute joy, but back in the day, was just as awesome, but for completely different reasons.”

Cheryl had a blast interviewing Julianne Moore and George Clooney about their film Suburbicon in 2017! Photo: © ET Canada

Cheryl said an unfortunate incident with Hugh Grant led to a crush being shattered.

“I had a mad crush on Hugh Grant back in the very beginning of our show,” she shared. “Then I got a change to go and interview him and I was so excited, it was just incredible. And he spent the first three minutes of our interview making fun of my last name. At first, I was like, ‘Oh, this is so cute,’ and then it wasn’t cute and it just turned into a roast.”

Both Cheryl and Roz said there are still celebrities on their bucket lists after 15 seasons. Cheryl said she’d love to interview Betty White.

“She kind of looks like my mom, I don’t know why. I would love to meet [her],” she said.

Roz was likely the envy of many Mariah Carey fans when he interviewed her in 2016. Photo: © ET Canada

For Roz, it’s ‘80s cult stars he’s interested in.

“It’s not so much people that I’ve been a fan of as an adult, it’s more people I was a fan of when I was younger: Ralph Macchio and Ally Sheedy,” he said. “And also, let’s throw Elisabeth Shue in there, she’s the best.”

If the show continues for another 15 seasons, the co-hosts agree on who they would want to join the ET Canada panel.

“One hundred per cent Lizzo. Lizzo is the most entertaining entertainer in show business today,” Roz said.

“You can’t top that. She’s fascinating,” Cheryl added.

The 15th season of ET Canada premieres Sept. 3 on Global. It promises to feature the best from Canadian and international entertainers and superstars. This season is set to include an exclusive chat with Céline Dion in Montreal about her new album Courage and a set visit to Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh’s new late-night show A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

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